Writing Rituals - a productivity guide for writers and copywriters.


How much of your "writing time" is lost to distractions and procrastination?


How many hours do you lose simply because you are not staying tightly focused on your writing?


And how much more would you earn if your writing productivity increased by 25%, 50% or more?


If your work involves writing, you know how it feels when a deadline is looming, but you're still procrastinating.


And the closer the deadline gets, the greater the stress you feel.


You're not alone!

I have been a freelance copywriter for almost 30 years now, and still have productivity problems from time to time.

I have also corresponded with dozens of other commercial writers and copywriters over the years, many of whom have the exact same problems.


These productivity challenges apply to people writing copy, web site content, blogs, white papers, business reports, essays, college papers, e-books and any other non-fiction.

Fortunately, following the methods I describe in Writing Rituals, you can turn things around very quickly, and achieve a dramatic increase in your productivity.

Here are a few examples of how we, as writers, manage to waste our time...

- After writing a couple of lines we think we deserve a quick break and switch over to our email and see if any new messages have arrived.


- Instead of going through the briefing document to find a particular fact we need, we suddenly get the urge to check out what's new on FaceBook, YouTube or CNN.


- When a page heading or headline is giving us trouble, we figure the best way forward is to wander off to the kitchen for a quick snack.

As commercial writers we are incredibly susceptible to distractions. In fact, if there isn't a legitimate distraction to hand, we'll invent one.

Fiction writers get writer's block.


Regular people procrastinate.


But as writers and copywriters we are a breed apart – we not only suffer from writer's block AND procrastination, but are also incredibly susceptible to distractions.

Of course, while we are happily being distracted we are also losing money. Hand over fist.


So what's happening? Why can't we just knuckle down and do our work?


That's a good question.


The key is to understand that all those distractions are symptoms of other problems we have with our work and work environment.

We open the door to distractions only when we fail to prepare for and execute each writing task in a clear, uncluttered and structured way.

That's what the 5 Rituals are all about. They will help you stay focused on your work and dramatically increase your productivity and, of course, your income.


Here are the 5 Rituals you will be learning to apply...


Ritual #1 – Clear your Mind


Learn how to manage your work and your time in a disciplined fashion. And learn the processes that enable you to start each new project with a clear mind.


Ritual #2 – Visualize the Outcome


Use these tools and techniques to plan each project and task before you start writing. Visualizing the outcome enables you to get there faster.


Ritual #3 - Get Fully Loaded


Don't start writing until you have all the information you need, not just on paper but also in your mind. Learn how to organize the information you'll need for each task on your list.


Ritual #4 – Start Writing


Do you have trouble getting started sometimes? Learn a variety of approaches and four specific tricks that help you start writing immediately, without hesitation or procrastination.


Ritual #5 – Stick to the Plan


Once you start writing, take full advantage of all the preparation you have done and see how quickly and effectively you can complete each task.


Why Rituals and not Habits?


A habit is a repetitive behaviour that we pick up for better or for worse. Some of our habits are good, others are bad.


A ritual is also a repetitive behaviour, but it is conscious and deliberate. And it has a deeper meaning.


Patting your pocket to make sure you have your wallet before leaving the house is a habit. So is scratching your nose when someone asks you a difficult question.


But laying out snacks before a sports game or movie on TV is a ritual. It is a deliberate, conscious action, marking a particular moment in time. It has a deeper meaning.

That's what I want to achieve for you with these 5 Rituals.


I want you to be deliberate in how you approach and work on every new writing job you get.

Used together, these rituals will help establish a framework in which you can become remarkably productive as a writer.


How does this work? What do you have to do?


The first step is to get your copy of the Writing Rituals guide and read it cover to cover.


The next step is to go back, and start applying the various rituals.


In particular, you should read the summary of each ritual when it comes time to start your next project.

Make sure you are applying each ritual in turn as you progress through each writing assignment.


Like habits, rituals establish themselves through repetition.

You'll want to print out the second to last page in the guide and pin it to a board or on the wall. It's a visual reminder of the steps you need to take, one after the other.


It's by applying these five rituals every time that they will eventually become a natural part of the way you work.


And that's when you'll see a lasting, consistent boost both in your productivity and your income.


Does it always work? Is it guaranteed?


Yes, if you apply each of the steps and repeat them until they become true rituals, you will undoubtedly see an increase in your ability to focus, write quickly and avoid distractions.


Try it out for 8 full weeks. If you are not satisfied, you'll receive a full refund. No quibbles. No hassles.

"I just wanted to drop you a line and say "thanks" for the Rituals.


Although I have been very blessed in my writing practice, and I love what I do... I find myself constantly struggling with distraction.


I've never missed a deadline... but I have probably shaved a few years off my life because of procrastination-induced stress.


Now, thanks to your book, I have an understanding of why I behave this way. Even better, I now know how to overcome this problem once and for all. I really appreciate this book -- so again, thank you!"


Ray Edwards
Copywriter/Marketing Consultant


"Brilliant! Nick, you've found a way for me to wrap my head around what it is I do every day - and gave me a framework for how to find more joy in writing for my clients.


I was formally trained as an anthropologist, and have studied rituals all my academic life. But, it never dawned on me to ritualize my work as a writer.


Despite the fact that I knew rituals are transformational; that they take the participant from one state of being into another...I never chose to apply them to the work I so dearly love. My perspective is forever changed. Thank you!"

Kim Stacey
Boulder Creek, California


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