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Review: Write and Grow Rich!

How to make six figures a year working at home as a freelance writer...and have the time of your life doing it.

Review by: Nick Usborne


I recommend that every freelance writer and copywriter buys a copy of this short but essential guide by Bob Bly.


You have probably read about and even purchased some of the thousands of long, bloated, expensive and almost useless e-books being promoted online.


As a friend of mine put it, “When I buy one of those, my highest expectation is that I will learn one new thing.”


That’s quite a low expectation for e-books that are usually hugely over-priced anyway.


"Write and Grow Rich!" over-delivers at a low price


Bob Bly shows you how to make more money as a commercial writer – six figures a year – in four ways...

* Earn more by writing for markets that pay the most

* Earn more by working for companies that pay more

* Earn more by increasing your fees

* Earn more by being more productive

It sounds simple, and in some ways it is. But many writers find themselves caught up in writing for markets that don’t pay well. Other writers end up with long-term clients who pay less than they should. And most writers and copywriters simply under-charge for their services.


Follow Bob Bly’s advice step by step and you could quickly find yourself doubling your income and more.


Although this e-book is less than 100 pages long, it covers numerous important topics


Here are just a few of the chapter headings that caught my eye as I read through my own copy:

* How to break into the corporate market when you are a novice...

* How to get editors, publishers and clients to pay you more

*5 ways to get rich with online writing

*The 10 most common freelance writing mistakes

*7 ways to double your freelance writing rates

These few chapters alone make this book more than worth the very modest cover price.


About Bob Bly...


The quality of this guide is a direct result of the fact that Bob Bly has been a freelance writer for decades. He has written copy for hundreds of top clients, and is the author of dozens of books. In addition, he has been coaching and mentoring other copywriters for years.


His extraordinary scope of expertise and experience shines through in “Write and Grow Rich!”


There are no wasted words. No waffle. No speculation.


He is simply sharing what he knows to be true. Because he has followed and tested all the advice he shares.


Whether you’re just starting out or have been freelancing for years, I have no doubt you will find some strategies in this guide to help you double your income and more.


Learn more about Write and Grow Rich...



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