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Nick Usborne's How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites program.

The most reliable and certain way to make money online is to write an information-rich website on a topic that already interests you.


Nick Usborne's How to write your own money-making websites program...



.Nick Usborne's Million Dollare Secrets to Online Copywriting

Nick Usborne's Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting


An in-depth course to give you the knowledge and expertise you need to make money as an online copywriter.


Nick Usborne's Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting


2 Quick and Easy Ways to Start Making Money as a Freelance Writer.


by Nick Usborne


I hesitate to suggest there is an easy way to become a freelance writer - least of all, to suggest you can achieve success quickly.


Most of the time, success takes time, lots of hard work, and a boatload of persistence.


I’m thinking in particular of my own core skill – as a freelance copywriter.

Copywriting has the potential to make you the most money, but it is also a skill that takes a lot of study, time and practice to master.


So what if you have some basic writing skills, like to write, and are looking for one or two ways to make money from those skills? And what if you are in a hurry?


I have a couple of suggestions for you...and a couple of programs you can turn to for training purposes.


#1 – Become a resume writer


As you can imagine, there is a huge market for quality resumes right now. Millions of people are looking for work. And if you have been in the job market for any length of time, you’ll know that for every job advertised, there are a ton of applicants.


How can people set themselves apart from other applicants? At the application stage, there is only one way to set yourself apart – and that’s with a great resume.


And this is where resume writers come in. There are writers out there who make a good income writing resumes for other people. Some do this full-time, others do it as a part-time gig, just to make a second income.


Making money as a resume writer is a great choice for people who like to write, but don’t feel they are “sales writers”. While there is certainly a selling component to writing resumes, it isn’t about hard selling.


If this sounds like something you can do, I have read and can recommend a program called The Pro Resume Writer Program.


#2 – Become an Internet Researcher


This is a second opportunity for people who like to write, but are not natural-born sales writers.


As with resume-writing, the opportunity is huge.


There are hundreds of thousands of authors, website writers, entrepreneurs and small business owners who need help doing Internet research.


Maybe they are writing sales copy, or a white paper, or web content pages, or reports, or proposals...and they need facts, figures and information to support what they are saying.


But...they don’t have time to do all that Internet research themselves.


Your opportunity is to set up in business, working from home, and offer your services as an Internet research specialist. In other words, your client tells you the information, facts and figures you are looking for, and you make a living simply by searching the web, finding that information for your client, and then submitting a written report of your findings.


Again, this is a skill you can pick up quite quickly, particularly if you already spend lots of time surfing the web. And it’s perfect for generating either a part-time or full-time income.


The program I recommend for learning the skills you’ll need is called, Secrets of Becoming an Internet Research Specialist.


Summing up...


There are numerous ways in which you can make money as a freelance copywriter, most of which I cover on this site.


But if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get started, I can recommend either writing resumes or offering Internet research services.






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