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Nick Usborne's How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites program.

The most reliable and certain way to make money online is to write an information-rich website on a topic that already interests you.


Nick Usborne's How to write your own money-making websites program...



.Nick Usborne's Million Dollare Secrets to Online Copywriting

Nick Usborne's Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting


An in-depth course to give you the knowledge and expertise you need to make money as an online copywriter.


Nick Usborne's Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting


Why I love the math of big crowds.


by Nick Usborne


As a freelance copywriter for the past 30 years I have had to juggle the optimum number of clients.


Not too many, because I want to provide quality service to each. Not too few, because I don’t want to endanger my income if one or two suddenly stop using my services.


As the author of books and courses, I depend on my publishing and marketing partners. (Imagine my surprise when, after writing Net Words back in 2001, the publisher told me they didn’t intend spending a penny on marketing. It was all down to me.)


Both as a copywriter and as an author, I depend on my clients and partners for my income.


For most of the time, that’s not a problem, so long as I don’t put all my eggs in one basket.


But what if I’m unlucky? What if two out of three major clients take a dive and stop using me? What if one or more of my published works just stops selling?

That could hurt.


That’s why I love the math of big crowds.


Consider Google’s business model with its AdSense program. It is a massive vendor of advertising, matching vast numbers of advertisers with vast numbers of publishers and consumers.


If a thousand Adwords advertisers suddenly stopped advertising, Google would barely notice. The numbers are so high that only a huge industry or economic downturn will make a difference. (But if just ten major advertisers pulled their ads from a local newspaper, it could mean the death of the newspaper.)


I enjoy the same “big” math, on a more modest scale, with the money-making websites I publish.


My site, as an example, attracts about 30,000 visitors a month. Each visitor is worth a small number of cents to me.


If a thousand of those visitors don’t turn up one month, that’s OK. If five thousand are worth only five cents to me instead of ten, that won’t hurt me much either. Besides which, for every thousand visitors who don't turn up, another thousand will. And to compensate for those worth only five cents, another group of visitors will be worth twenty cents each.


Put simply, when your income arrives a few cents at a time from thousands of “clients” you’re much safer than if your income is derived from just a few large clients paying you thousands of dollars a month.


The math of big crowds spreads the risk, and the opportunity.


You can focus your energies on growing the size of your crowd, instead of worrying about the security of a handful of major clients and partners.


I like that math. (And I don't like to worry.)


NOTE: To learn how to make money from a big crowd, find out about my program, How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites.





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