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Writing for the Web...the copywriting specialty that keeps on giving.


by Nick Usborne


There are plenty of reasons why aspiring freelance copywriters should choose online copywriting as their area of specialty.


As mentioned in previous articles, the first reason is that there is such incredible demand for skilled online copywriters right now.


But here's another good reason...


Online copywriting work keeps on "giving".


Think about it. Web sites keep on growing, all the time. A company's site isn't like a 16-page brochure that is printed and then remains the same for the next two years. A web sit grows week by week...even hour by hour.


This means that once you start doing work for a company with a web site, there are likely to be more and more new pages to write.


But that's not all. Unlike a printed brochure, any web page can be changed, again and again.


At least half of my own web copywriting work isn't for new pages, it's about improving existing pages.


Companies call me up and ask if I can improve the performance of their home page, or of a particular sales or landing page.


And that's just the start of it...


How about email? Offline companies may send out direct mail packages on an occasional basis. But online, companies have dozens of different types of emails that need writing. As for their promotional emails, many companies send them out on a weekly or even daily basis.


And each of these emails needs to be written by an online copywriting expert.


And how about e-newsletters?


Most companies online publish an e-newsletter of some kind. It's a great way to keep in touch with customers and prospects. Once again, these e-newsletters need to be someone who knows how to write for the web.


And blogs.


More and more companies understand the power of having a high-quality blog.


And the best blogs are updated frequently, often once a day. So who is going to be writing the blog entries? It could be you.


What I'm saying here is that the online marketplace has generated an enormous demand for people who can write well.


More important still, all this writing work requires the attention of copywriters who understand the skills of writing for the web.


The online world is by far the fastest-growing marketplace for copywriters right now.


If you are just starting out as a freelance copywriter, this is absolutely the area I would recommend you learn about and consider as your specialty.

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