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Nick Usborne's Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting


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Why NOW is the time to become an expert online copywriter.


by Nick Usborne


Ten years ago I used to make my living as a freelance direct response copywriter. Principally I wrote direct mail packages for my clients. It was a good business and served me well.


Then in 1998 I decided to devote myself to learning the new skills of writing for the web.


At that time there weren't that many people who described themselves as professional online copywriters. This was a good thing and a bad thing for me.


It was good, because I had hardly any competition. It was bad because the industry hadn't really woken up to the idea of having their web sites written by professionals. Most of the time web sites were being written by offline editorial writers from the world of print.


Of course, a great deal has changed since 1998.


Companies large and small are devoting more and more of their marketing budgets to online channels.


They are also looking for RESULTS. This means more companies are now measuring their conversion rates and are insisting that their web pages, emails and e-newsletters be created and written with a view to maximizing sales.


Suddenly, the skills of online copywriters are in high demand. In fact, there is a lot more demand than there is supply.


One of the problems is that too few freelance copywriters are taking the time to study the unique demands of the online environment.


Online copywriting is not the same as offline copywriting.


Nor is online copywriting simply about writing long, multi-screen sales letters. In fact, demand for those pages makes up only a tiny fraction of the market right now.


What companies desperately need are copywriters who are skilled at writing home pages, information pages, sales pages, subscription pages, emails and e-newsletter.


This is where the opportunity for you, as a freelancer, lies.


The faster you can learn the skills of online copywriting, the faster you can start charging premium fees as an online specialist.


There is a huge demand right now, and it will continue to increase.


While there will always be a need for offline copywriters, writing direct mail, print ads and the like, the area of real growth is going to be online.


That's why I encourage all new and aspiring freelance copywriters to learn the craft of writing for the web.


That's where the opportunities are right now. And that's where they will be in the future.



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