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Make money writing about products for catalogs and web sites.

by Nick Usborne


Writing about products in a clear, concise way may not strike you as being a top opportunity for freelance copywriters.


But it is.


There is a huge demand for compelling product descriptions.


The two principal markets are catalogs and web sites


There are over 10,000 catalogs published each year in the U.S. alone. Now imagine how many product descriptions are required to fill all those catalogs.


And who knows how many hundreds of thousands of web sites there are that also need professional writing for all the products featured.


This is a gold mine waiting to be exploited.


So yes, you really can make money writing about products – whether it’s about shoes, garden furniture, consumer electronics, industrial equipment or just about anything else.


Finding your niche...


With a market as large as this one, your best bet is to work within a clearly defined product category niche.


Maybe you know a lot about consumer electronics, or fashion, or home repairs.


There are literally hundreds of niche categories from which you can choose. And you'll be well advised to pick a niche about which you already have some knowledge.


Most important of all, pick an area which interests you, personally.


If you enjoy what you're writing about, you'll work faster and make more money.


Learning the craft of writing about products


Perhaps the best source of advice I know of is a course written by Herschell Gordon Lewis.


Herschell Gordon Lewis is not only a great copywriter, but also a great teacher. I have been writing professionally for over 25 years myself, and back in the early days it was his books I purchased and read, cover to cover.


If you want to make money writing about products for catalogs and web sites, I highly recommend his course, Secrets of Writing for the Catalog Market.



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