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Increase your productivity by doing work you enjoy.

by Nick Usborne


Some copywriters I speak with have the gift of being able to write at a consistent speed, every day.


It doesn’t seem to matter what they are working on or who the client is.


If this sounds like you, you’re fortunate.


The vast majority of copywriters, myself included, find that their productivity is very variable.


Some days they write like speed demons, and get an amazing amount of work done.


Other days it feels like trying to sprint through molasses...and at the end of the day, very little has been achieved.


The most common factor in slowing you down as a freelancer...


Putting aside any personal issues that might be impacting your rate of work, the reason most freelance copywriters mention when talking about ups and downs in their productivity is this:

“It depends on the job.”

After freelancing for almost 30 years now, I can say without hesitation that this is absolutely true for me.


So much so that I am now very cautious about taking on work if I don’t think I’ll be comfortable or confident writing about that particular product or service.


I know that when you’re starting out, or when times are lean, it isn’t always easy to say no to a new project, even if you have a bad feeling about it.


But I would encourage you to say no to these jobs as often as you possibly can.


The trouble is, when a particular project starts bogging you down, it also impacts all your other work.


I have seen this for myself time and time again. I’ll have some great project on the go, and one bad apple.


The bad apple may simply be a copywriting job on a topic about which I really don’t know much.


For instance, years ago I took on a job writing web pages for a company selling diagnostic equipment to hospitals.


That’s not an industry or area about which I know much. Yes, I did the research.


But what I couldn’t “fix” was the absence of empathy I felt with the hospital administrators who would be buying the equipment.


I don’t really understand their job or the industry in which they work.


So the job wasn’t really a “bad apple”. There was nothing wrong with it. It simply wasn’t a good fit for me.


And I remember how it bogged me down, day after day. And that “bogged down” feeling impacted the other projects I was working on too.


Jobs you enjoy lift your spirits...


This is the other end of the spectrum.


When you take on jobs you are going to enjoy, then the positive feels each one builds inside you all combine to make every day a pleasure.


You work faster. You do better work. And you enjoy life more.


Concluding thoughts...


In terms of both productivity and the pleasure you get from your work, I would always encourage you to look for projects that match your own interests and writing style.


This is a niche you have to find.


A niche where you excel.


Where you have fun.


And when you are consistently productive.


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