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Whatever you plan on doing, make a start right now.

by Nick Usborne


This advice applies to just about anyone – whether you are still thinking about becoming a freelancer, or have already started and are looking for more work.


What do I mean by “start right now”?


I mean that many of your plans for the future will take time to mature and bear fruit.


So the longer you wait before you actually take action, the longer it will be before you can profit from your efforts.


As an example, let’s say you are going to create a web site to promote your freelance business.


You have plans, you know more or less what you want to do with the site.


But maybe you are waiting until you have enough information to publish.


Maybe you feel you can’t really start your web site until you have some solid clients and enough jobs under your belt to be able to add a portfolio page.


Or maybe you won’t be ready to take on more business for a while, and are concerned that putting up a web site will attract too much business too soon.


Whatever your concerns, put them aside and start on that web site today.


Why? Because it takes time to create the pages, and it takes time for the search engines even to find and index your new site, and it takes a long time before your prospective clients will even find your site.


So if you don’t start now...but launch your site only when you’re “ready”...you’ll find yourself waiting for months afterwards before you see any results.


So start now, today.


The same goes for any business acquisition plans you have.


Maybe you are thinking of creating a direct mail campaign to reach prospective clients.


Again, there may be tons of reasons why it “makes sense” to wait for a while before getting started.


Don’t wait. Get started now.


It takes time to find the right list. It takes time to decide on the best format, and write your mailing. It takes time to get it printed. And so on.


Don’t wait until you “need” that promotion to go out. Get it prepared. Have it ready and near completion...so you have it right there for when you need it.


Or perhaps you have been thinking about writing some kind of information product.


Many freelance writers have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in some areas. The topic may not even be directly related to their professional writing skills.


Maybe you have a passion about dogs, gardening, technology, decorating, travel, fashion or some other topic.


And in the back of your mind you think, “Hey, one day I must sit down and write a book, or create a video or produce a guide on that subject”.


Don’t leave it in the back of your mind. Make a start today.


It may be that you truly can’t devote a lot of time to the project right now...but you can make a start.


And once you have made a start, you can proceed step by step, when time allows.


Will every new project come to complete fruition?


Probably not. I know that I have started on new projects and then, along the way, decided that I was taking the wrong direction or should be spending my time on something else.


Maybe out of ten new ideas I start on, one or two finally bear fruit.


But I do make a start. I do act.


If I didn’t take action on all ten projects, those one or two would never have achieved success.


You can’t achieve success without taking that first step.


And the best time to take that first step is now.


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