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If you want to present yourself as an expert, prove it.



As a freelance writer it makes sense to find a niche market you enjoy and know about.


You will get more respect, attention and work if you are recognized as being an expert in one particular field, rather than being a jack of all trades.


So let’s say you decide you are going to write for businesses and publications which serve young mothers at home.


That’s a nice niche. There are a ton of companies and magazines that focus on this group.


But how do you present yourself as an authority on this market? How do you make yourself known as an expert?


Showcase yourself and your expertise...


Ten years ago you would have done this with a brochure. Today you’re better off building yourself a web site.


With a web site you will have the opportunity to reach a much wider audience.


You first instinct may simply to build a site that talks about yours skills and services, with a page for contact information. And when you have some assignments under your belt, you can create a portfolio page or a page listing your various clients.


But there is a lot more you can do with your site.


Write articles and white papers about the industry niche you serve...


If you are telling people you are an expert on marketing and writing to young mothers at home, prove it by writing articles or white papers on that exact topic.


These aren’t articles or white papers you are paid to write...you write them simply to establish yourself as a voice worth listening to.


And the better the quality of what you write, the more word of mouth you will create.


Here’s one thing I want to clarify. These articles and white papers should not be about "young mothers at home", they should be about marketing to that group.


Do that and your prospective clients will soon be bookmarking your site or subscribing to your newsletter. They will want to return and read more, because they are learning from what you write.


Soft, but effective...


Writing articles and white papers is not an aggressive way to build business. And it’s not as fast as picking up the phone, speaking at meetings or sending out mailings.


But over time it is enormously effective.


In fact, during two decades of freelancing, this is pretty much the only method I have used to get new business for myself.


So I know it works, and that it works well.



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