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Will your Day Job still exist in 10 Years?


by Nick Usborne


If you have a full-time day job you depend on, it’s time to look into the future and ask yourself some hard questions.

Will that job still exists in five or ten years?


If you lose that job, will it be easy to find another one?


If you do lose your job, do you have money put aside? How long could you last before running out of cash?


If you are within ten years of retirement, and you lose your job soon, do you have enough retirement savings put aside?

The bottom line is this: if you depend on an employer for your income, then your livelihood and future are at risk.


The idea of “job security” is something you can no longer depend on.


Some of the reasons why your job is at risk


First there is the ever-present threat of what companies like to call “downsizing”.


In other words, they fire employees in order to improve company profits.


Bouts of downsizing may be the result of improvements in technology, and the need for fewer human hands and minds, the growth of overseas competitors or pressure from Wall Street investors.


Then there is the threat of outsourcing.


This is a growing threat and happens when companies find they can outsource jobs and whole departments to employees overseas...typically in India, the Far East and Eastern Europe. Again, it’s all about profits. People in those countries get paid a lot less for doing the same job.


You are particularly vulnerable to having your job outsourced if you work in customer service, manufacturing, fashion or Information Technology.


And now there is a whole new threat about to hit us


You may not know a great deal about nanotechnology, but it involves manipulating matter at the atomic level. Bolstered by government research dollars, companies are making fast progress in this area.


NASA is already working on replacing all the copper in its space vehicles with a new substance developed through nanotechnology. If you have anything to do with the copper business, watch out.


But it’s not just copper. Work is being also being done to create a nanotechnology version of rubber, and many other raw materials. If you work with raw materials or in commodity trading, think about that.


At the same time, scientists are looking at how nanotechnology and genetic engineering can be combined.


Do you work in the food industry? In pharmaceuticals? Are you a farmer? Are you involved in the distribution or sales of food or drugs?


And this is just the beginning.


Put bluntly, you can’t trust your employer


One way or another, companies are responsible to their investors first. If technology enables them to make more money by letting employees “go”...then that’s what they do.


And as new technologies advance, and the world grows smaller, you job is becoming more and more vulnerable.


Can you afford to lose your job?


What you need is a source of income that is safe, always


There are not many jobs that are safe, even if you work for yourself. And, of course, running your own small business comes with its own set of risks, some of them considerable.


But what if there was a home business you could start, with almost no start-up costs and pretty much zero risk?


And what if it was the kind of job that will ALWAYS be in demand, can NEVER be done by a computer and is extremely unlikely EVER to be outsourced?


If such a job existed, and you could be your own boss, then you would never have to worry again about losing your job. You would never have to worry about suddenly being without an income, or not having the income you need when you retire.


Does such a job exist? Yes, it does. It is the job I have had for most of my adult life. And for the last twenty years it has consistently earned me six figures a year.


Btw – I don’t have a university degree or any special qualifications. I just sat down and got started.


So what is this miracle career?


It’s commercial writing. There are various ways you can make a living as a writer, but the most reliable and lucrative is to be a marketing copywriter.


Is this something YOU could do? Probably. If you have the skills to write a decent letter, you have what it takes to get started.


Here’s some more good news:

It doesn’t matter what your educational qualifications are.


It doesn’t matter what age you are


It doesn’t matter where you live


It doesn’t matter whether you want to write full-time or part-time

As a freelance copywriter, working for yourself, all you need is a computer or laptop...and your brain. You can do it from anywhere.


Is there a demand for freelance copywriters?


Yes, there is. And there always will be. Companies depend absolutely on good sales copy. Without it, they could never sell their products and services.


While the design and manufacture of products can always be outsourced - as can customer service after the sale – companies will always depend on the unique and valuable skills of copywriters to help SELL those products.


How to get started...


Freelance writing and copywriting are a great way to secure a safe and lucrative income for you and your family.


The start-up costs are very low, but you do need to spend some time learning the craft and understanding the business.



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