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Know Your Software and be More Productive

by Nick Usborne


If you want to make more money, you need to be more productive...in every way.


This speaks to one of the challenges of being a solo-entrepreneur. There is just one of you. That means the billable hours you get paid for are yours alone. Every minute or hour you’re not doing something you can invoice for, you’re not making money.


One way in which you can improve your level of productivity is to become proficient in the software programs you use.


Computers and software have had a huge impact on how much work we can get done in one day. However, if you don’t know enough about the features and shortcuts of each program you use, a few things could happen:

- You’ll waste time trying to figure out how to use a feature you’re not familiar with.


- You’ll produce documents that don’t look as finished or professional as they should.


- You’ll take longer to complete tasks simply because you don’t know the tips and shortcuts you can use.

Where to get started...


The first programs you should look at are the basic Microsoft Office applications, like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Many of us use these programs on a regular basis, but probably use only about 10% of their features.


As a freelance writer, think about your use of MS Word for instance. Or WordPerfect, for that matter.


Your word processing software is the basic tool of your trade. It’s the plumber’s wrench. The farmer’s plough. It’s the most important application in your professional toolbox.


But how well do you know it?


It’s amazing to think there are so many writers out there who remain so casual about the potential of their core business software tool.


Have you ever heard of a professional designer who is casual about his or her use of Photoshop? Or a web developer who knows only a little about XML?


Other professionals buy books and training videos, or even attend conferences, so they can get the best from the software tools they depend on.


So why wouldn’t writers and copywriters take the same professional attitude?


Next steps...


Once you have mastered the core programs you use, it’s time to move on to other programs you may use only occasionally. For instance, if you use PowerPoint, albeit rarely, it still makes sense to learn enough about the program to use it professionally and efficiently when the need arises.


The same goes for Excel, or any accounting software you use.


Concluding thoughts...


Knowing your software means you will work more efficiently, waste less time and produce more professionally finished documents.


Put this on your list of things to do. Become more proficient with your software programs, and you’ll soon see a benefit in your bottom line.


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