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Self Doubt: A Barrier to Freelance Success You Need to Eliminate

by Nick Usborne


It doesn’t matter whether you have been a copywriter for one year or twenty.


There are times when your success will be limited by self-doubt.


It happens to us all.


Perhaps on a particular job we will doubt that we have what it takes to deliver an outstanding job.


Or we might doubt our ability to get enough new assignments over the next three months.


Or we might doubt that we can catch up with all the administrative work we have been falling behind on.


Self doubt hits freelance copywriters every day


Everyone struggles with self doubt at times. But it is a very real issue for freelance copywriters in two ways.


First, being in a creative profession makes us particularly vulnerable to self-doubt.


Writing in any form is a creative endeavor that always raises the question, “Am I good enough?”


Second, being a freelancer -- being your own boss –- is a constant source of doubt.


Can we really build a good freelance business? Can we be as successful as some of the more well-known copywriters appear to be? Can we really get work from those big name clients? Would they even consider us? Do we have any chance at all?


And what about next month? Will we get enough work to pay the bills? Will we have enough extra to pay the tax man? Will we make enough to put some aside for a vacation?


And what about next year? Will the economy be weaker? Will we get less work?


Will everything be OK? And can we keep it together and make things work for one more year?


If you have been a freelancer for any length of time, you can probably add a lot of other doubts to that list.


Here’s the first step in abolishing self-doubt


Step one is to understand that you are just as good as anyone else.


Let me tell you a few things you may not know.


1. You don’t have to be a copywriting genius in order to succeed.


All those copywriting superstars out there are rarely any more talented than you or me. You think they are geniuses? They’re not, even if some may they say they are, or have someone else say it for them. A true copywriting genius will come along about once in a generation.


As for the rest, they simply communicate a huge amount of self-confidence. They display zero self-doubt. It’s deliberate, and it works. Their own self confidence inspires confidence on those who might hire them or buy from them.


You can do the exact same thing.


2. You don’t have to be the best copywriter to make the most money.


You just have to choose a viable niche and promote yourself effectively.


3. You don’t have to be well-known or some kind of industry guru.


You can choose a lucrative niche, outside of the spotlight and make a wonderful living. Some people crave the limelight. But it’s not a requirement when it comes to making a good living.


4. You don’t have to be great all of the time.


You think every copywriter hits a home run with every job? Not me. I’ve written some control-beaters in my time, but have also written some complete dogs. It happens. You don’t have to be perfect.


And here is the next step...


There are some specific, actionable things you can do to start getting rid of self doubt, and I’ll tackle those in another article.


But here’s one thing you can do right now.


Get a piece of paper and write these words on it:

“I can achieve as much success as any other freelance copywriter.”

You needn’t feel weird about writing it, because it’s true. Why not? Why wouldn’t it be true?


Now stick that piece of paper on the wall in front of where you work. Frame it if you want. And look at it every day.


That’s the beautiful thing about eliminating self doubt. Every step you take starts to build a momentum, and before you know it, your growing self-confidence will rise above your self doubt.


You’ll still have occasional doubts. We all do. But they won’t get in the way of you being successful.



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