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Nick Usborne's Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting


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How to Get Your Articles Published


by Nick Usborne


An essential goal of any freelancer is to get his or her name established as an expert.


And one important way to do this is to write articles and have them read by potential clients, suppliers and your peers.


Few things will build your credibility faster than having your articles published.


Back in the days before the web, it was no easy thing to get your work in print.


But now, with weblogs, sites and hundreds of content-hungry online publications, it has become a great deal easier.


Here are a few ways to get your articles published


1. Start a blog

This is step number one and extremely easy. Your audience will be limited, at least for a while. However, writing articles for a blog is a great way to get some practice. Be sure to read any comments that are added, as these may guide you towards topics and approaches that appeal to your audience.


2. Publish articles on your own site

I’m assuming you have a site. If not, create one. Then start adding article pages. This will help you get higher listings in the major search engines and will also attract quality visitors who want to learn from what you write.


3. Offer reprint rights to other sites

There are numerous sites like and which invite writers to submit their articles. If you write well on a popular topic, webmasters will pick up your articles and reprint them on their sites and in their newsletters. And each article will include your short bio and a link back to your site.


4. Write unique articles for online publishers

Once you have some good articles under your belt, and feel you are ready, start submitting to the more serious online publishers. Find publishers who cover topics that match your area of expertise. The bigger ones may not say yes right away...but with a decent article, you will find someone eager to publish.


5. Work your way up the ladder

Create a wish list of online publications, with the biggest and best at the top. Then slowly work your way up the ladder...with the aim of reaching the largest number of readers relevant to your niche.


Concluding thoughts


As you work your way up towards the most respected online publications and journals, your own credibility and prestige will rise.


When it comes to marketing and promoting your freelance services and expertise, I can’t think of a better way to get started than to get your name “in print” online.


It’s not so hard. Get started today.



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