Go Where The Money Is: Advice for Freelance Writers

by Nick Usborne


Some writers spend eight hours at their desks every day, and hope to make thirty or forty thousand dollars a year.


Other writers spend the same amount of time and earn four or five times as much.


So what's the deal? Are these other writers just a whole lot better at writing?


Probably not. The difference lies not in the quality of the writing, but in the TYPE of writing they are doing.


If you are writing product descriptions for a regional catalog or short articles for small magazines, don't expect to be breaking the 6-figure income mark any time soon. There are some areas of writing and copywriting that just don't pay that much.


But you CAN reach that 6-figure mark if you choose to be a direct marketing copywriter.


Why direct marketing copywriters earn more


It's not so hard to figure out.


When you write pages for a catalog, your fee is part of a fixed budget and if you won't do the work for the price, there's another writer out there who will.


And your writing work is lost within the design and photography. Even if a catalog you write does really well, who knows whether it was your writing that made the difference?


The thing about direct marketing copywriting is that all eyes are on the copy.


Everyone in the business knows that good copy can pull in a lot more cash. The whole business turns on the quality of the writing.


That's why companies that sell through direct marketing are always looking for good copywriters.


And that's why they pay top dollar to writers who show they can bring in more sales.


Next step for you and your career? If you don't already have strong direct marketing copywriting skills, first check out my review of Michael Masterson's Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting.


If you do have the skills, now pick the right niche


Part two of "going where the money is" is to find a niche that is hungry for good writers and willing to pay good fees.


Not every industry focuses its efforts on direct marketing. You want to pick an industry that truly depends on their direct sales. That's where the real money is.


Here are three such industries, plus links to my reviews of excellent courses to get your foot in the door.


The Financial Market


This market offers huge opportunities. Check out my review of Secrets to Writing for the Financial Market.


The Health market


This is another industry that spends billions on direct marketing. Read my review of Secrets of Writing for the Health Market.


The Fundraising Market


Surpised? You might think that non-profits would be stingy with their fees. Not so.


This industry lives or dies on the quality of the direct marketing copywriters they hire. Read my review of Secrets of Writing for the Fundraising Market.




I have written direct marketing copy myself for companies in all three of these industries. So I know there are real opportunities there.


Your best bet, right now, is to pick the industry that feels like the best fit for your own interests and knowledge - and then apply yourself to that niche with the focus of a laser.


That's when good things start to happen.



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