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The Mobile Freelancer: Freedom to Work from Anywhere

by Nick Usborne


There has been a huge amount written about the benefits of working from home.


Individuals run small businesses from home. Large corporations even set up home offices for many of their employees.


Right now most freelancers work from a home office. Some may invest in modest office space, but most of the freelancers I know work from their homes.


It's good to have such a short commute time in the morning!


But what if you want more?


With smaller, more powerful laptops, improved internet connectivity worldwide and a host of cellular and web services to choose from...we're no longer confined to working from home. Now we can work from almost anywhere.


This opens up a host of new possibilities in our lives.

* We can travel the world, and still keep working


* We can live almost anywhere, out in the country or even in a different country


* We can travel to visit clients, attend seminars or pitch for new business in other cities without losing touch with our current work and customers

The list goes on and on.


Our only limitation is our fondness for old work habits


As freelancers we are literally free to work from most parts of the world.


So why don't we all strike camp and explore the world?


There are many practical reasons, including the needs of other members of our families and communities.


But be careful when you list the reasons why you absolutely can't work from anywhere other than your home or office.


How many of those reasons are absolutely unchangeable, and how many have you listed simply because old habits die hard?

Is it truly impossible for you to work for a while from a rented house in Southern Italy?


Is it absolutely out of the question for you to rent a cottage in the country for a month or so?


And is that dream you had about moving to Mexico or Panama really and truly impossible?

With any one of these options, you can plug your laptop in and keep working. And nobody need even know where you are!


Some more modest ambitions


Even if you don't want to use mobile technologies to make dramatic shifts in your life, you can still get out from behind your desk from time to time.


You can work from the park, from the beach, from a local coffee shop....from an airport, on a plane, from a city you are visiting. The possibilities are endless.


As a freelancer, you are free


That's what we are, we're FREElancers. And now we have access to technologies that allow us to unplug and work from just about anywhere.


Isn't there an opportunity here to make our lives a little more interesting and adventurous?



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