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4 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Reach Prospective Clients.


by Kendy Sproul


Social media – everyone’s heard of it. Most freelancers use it. Chances are you do too. But, how can you use it to reach prospective clients?


That’s a question that plagues many freelancers and business owners today. In this article I’ll provide you with four simple answers. So read on. But more importantly, do these things and watch your prospect list grow.


Engage Through Facebook


Facebook is a great way for you to reach prospective clients. It’s one of the first things most people think of when they hear the phrase social media. And, it’s easy to set up a Facebook page for your freelance business.


I’m not going to go into the how-tos of setting up your page. Instead, I’m going to give you some tips on how to reach prospective clients once you’re there.


So, exactly how do you find people to “like” your page? But, hang on, you don’t want just anyone liking your page, so how to you find prospective clients?

One way is to join Facebook groups in your niche market. By contributing to and engaging in groups you can attract prospective clients to your Facebook page.


You might also consider investing in Facebook ads. They’re easy to create and allow you to target a specific audience. You also have the ability to put a daily spending limit in place so you can keep to your budget.


Once you start to build up a group of people who like your page make sure you’re providing valuable content and engaging them on a regular basis.


This isn’t the place to be salesy. This is the place to build trust and relationships with your prospective clients. So, don’t use your page to beat your fans over the head with your sales pitch.

Remember this rule of thumb: Be genuine, care about people, and engage.

Share Valuable Content Through Twitter


Twitter is a great way to attract prospective clients and funnel them to your Facebook page or your website.


One way to do this is by providing content that is valuable to your target prospects. This can be content from your own blog or website. Or it can be content that you seek out and tweet for your audience’s benefit. Just be sure to give credit to your source. And, always remember that your reputation is based on everything you tweet, so give them quality information.

The key to being successful on Twitter lies in engagement. There are numerous tools available that allow you to automate your tweets, which is fine to a point. But, you must be sure to engage.


How do you engage on Twitter? You engage by not only tweeting your own stuff but retweeting interesting stuff from others. You also engage by mentioning others whom your prospective clients might like to follow as well. And by thanking people who mention you or retweet your content.


Tweet. Retweet. Mention. Reply. Thank... Engage!


Join Groups on LinkedIn


As a freelance professional, you most likely have a LinkedIn profile and understand the value of it. Right?


If you answered no, the first thing you need to do is set up your profile on LinkedIn. Go, do it right now. I’ll wait… Done? Good.


Now, how do you reach prospective clients with your LinkedIn profile? One of the most effective ways is by joining LinkedIn Groups.


LinkedIn makes it very easy to search for groups within a particular niche. Some of them are open to everyone. Others require approval from the group manager before you’re allowed to join.


Once you’ve joined a few LinkedIn groups, you’re not just going to jump in and ask for work. You could, and there are definitely those who do, but it’s tacky and amateurish.


What will benefit you far more is to be active within the group. Join conversations. Answer questions. Provide solutions to problems. Be of value to others and they will come to you when they need a freelancer.


Maybe you’re familiar with the proverb, “Give, that you may receive.” This has been proven true in business. And it’s especially true in social media.


Post Video Content on YouTube


Our society is obsessed with video. And that, in a nutshell, is why YouTube is wildly successful. And why it can help you, as a freelancer, to be successful as well.


Just as you’re going to post quality content on Facebook and Twitter, everything you post on YouTube should be of value to your prospective clients as well.


With YouTube you have the opportunity to get creative. You could post simple videos of you, talking to your audience about something valuable to your chosen niche.


Or, you could post a video that’s animated or done with graphics.


You could post a video that’s serious. Or one that’s funny. Or heartwarming.

You can be creative in ways too numerous to mention in this article, as long as you provide a message that your prospective clients will find valuable.


YouTube is a great way to reach your prospective clients by providing them with valuable entertainment.

While there are many other ways you can use social media to reach prospective clients, I promised we’d stick to four for this article.


If you implement just one or two of these four social media channels, you’re sure to fill your funnel with prospective clients.



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