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5 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic


by Kendy Sproul


As a freelancer, the benefits of blogging are vast. Not only does blogging keep you up to date on relevant things in your industry, it also helps to position you as an expert in your field.

But, what’s the point of having a blog if it’s not attracting a lot of traffic?


Here are 5 ways to help you increase your blog traffic.


Curate Lists and Resources


Everyone loves lists. And, one of the quickest ways to increase your blog traffic is to curate lists and resources.


Lists often rank at the top in Google searches, so by adding lists and resources to your blog you can increase your visibility and reach.


What does curating lists and resources mean, exactly?


Curating lists and resources simply means that you compile a list of something important to your target audience and provide links to information about each item on that list.


Let’s say you are a web writer for the pet industry and you curate a list of the 10 healthiest brands of dog food and post it on your blog.


When someone searches online for the healthiest brands of dog food, your list comes up toward the top of the search results.


And since people love lists, the chances of that person clicking through to your list of the 10 healthiest brands of dog food is high.


This brings more traffic to your blog.


Create Momentum Within Your Posts


I recently read a blog post by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger in which he talks about creating momentum within your posts.


He suggests you do this by using the end of each post to lead into the next one.

This is similar to the cliff-hanger idea, where you leave your readers hanging on the edge of their seats, excited to read what you’ll write next.


And it works. By generating interest in the next post before you’ve signed off on the current one, you increase the chances that your readers will return.


Make that easy for them to do by getting them to sign up for your e-newsletter. Then, give them an intro to the post and a link to your blog where they can read the rest.


This method has an added benefit. Not only are you creating momentum for your readers, you are creating momentum for yourself. By setting up the next blog post before you finish the one you’re writing, you get your subconscious mind excited for the next post. A perfect cure for writer’s block.


You’re creating excitement for your readers. You’re creating excitement for yourself.


And, you’re creating incredible momentum and increasing traffic to your blog. How awesome is that?


Invite Guest Posts


Guest posts are another great way to increase your blog traffic.


Let’s go back to our example of web writing for the pet industry. Not only could you get guests to write posts about web writing, you could also ask people within the pet industry to write guest posts for your blog.


For example: Let’s say it’s spring time and people are heading outdoors with their pets. You could ask a pet expert to write a post on how to keep Fido safe from harm while hiking in the woods.


Or, maybe a post on what garden plants are harmful to pets. Or, how to keep cats out of flower beds.


The possibilities for guest posts are limited only by the extent of your imagination.

But, how do guest posts increase your blog traffic?


When you have a guest blogger, you typically allow that person to provide link to their website somewhere in their author bio. You’ll also want to encourage them to link to the guest post from their website and to share it through their social media channels.


Which brings us to the next method…


Take Advantage of Social Media


Social media is a powerful tool for increasing your blog traffic.


Every time you write a new post, get the word out through your social media channels. Tweet about it. Post it on Facebook. Post it on Google+. Pin it on your Pinterest board. Post it on LinkedIn.


Use the social media channels your target audience frequents.


And, make sure you have your blog set up for social media sharing. If you’re using Wordpress for your blog, there are plugins that make this easy to do.


When you have social buttons on each post, and you’re providing valuable information to your readers, they’re more likely to share your post with their own audience.


This not only gets the word out about you, it also increases traffic to your blog.


Don’t Forget SEO


At this point in the game, most everyone knows what SEO (search engine optimization) is. But, many people don’t know how to use it effectively.


If you don’t know feel you know enough about SEO, find someone who does. Or, take the time to learn it.


By effective use of SEO, you can rise above the competition in search results.

And, at the top is where you need to be to increase the amount of traffic to your blog.


Each one of these 5 methods, if used alone, will help you increase your blog traffic. Use them together, while providing quality content for your readers, and you’ll soon see the increased blog traffic you’re looking for.


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