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The Secret to Attracting More Followers on Twitter


by Kendy Sproul


A good social media campaign focuses on quality over quantity. This doesn’t just mean the content you post, but also quality vs quantity of your followers.


It does go without saying, however, that if you’re going to go to the trouble of tweeting, you want your tweets to go out to as many followers as possible.


The key is attracting more quality followers.


Here are 4 secrets to help you attract those quality followers on Twitter.


Secret #1: Tweet Regularly

It’s important that you stay in front of your audience on a regular basis.


But, it’s also important that you don’t tweet so often that your followers un-follow you.


There’s a fine line between tweeting enough and tweeting too much. So, how do you find that line?


The truth is, it’s trial and error for the most part. While you shouldn’t obsess about the number of followers you have, keeping an eye on that number will help you determine how often to tweet.


Let’s say you start out tweeting 6 times per day. Watch your number of followers for a week or so and see what’s happening.


If the number is increasing, you’re doing good.


If the number is steadily dropping, you may be tweeting too often for your followers. Try backing it off a bit to 4 evenly spaced tweets per day.


On the other hand, if you’re only tweeting one or two times per day and your numbers aren’t going up, try adding some tweets.


Secret #2: Tweet Valuable Content


Remember, social media is all about building relationships. And the best way to build any relationship is to give, give, give.


But, be sure what you’re giving is of high value and quality.


All the content that you have online as a freelancer should be quality content. So, by all means, tweet your own content.


But don’t stop there. Tweet high quality content from others as well. Read something that your followers would find useful? Tweet it. Did one of your competitors write a piece you wish you had written? Tweet it.

Every good thing you do on social media will come back to you. By that same token, every selfish or unethical thing you do on social media will come back to you as well. So be sure that you live by the mantra, “give, give, give”.


So, how does posting valuable content help attract more quality followers on Twitter?


When you post something that’s important or interesting to your followers, they’re more likely to retweet it.

And when they retweet you, your tweets go out to all of their followers. And if it’s content that their followers find valuable, they will retweet it to their followers.


Do you see how tweeting valuable content can increase your reach? And an increased reach means more potential followers.


Not only that, followers gathered in this way are quality followers. They know what you’re about and follow you based on your tweets.


Secret #3: Engage


As with providing valuable content, engaging can also help you increase your reach.


By engaging I mean retweeting other people’s tweets, replying to tweets, thanking people who retweet you, answering questions tweeted by others, and mentioning other people whom your followers might benefit from by following.


Remember, give, give, give.


Above all of that, in order to truly engage you need to be yourself.


People like to feel as though they’re engaging with an actual person. The only way to do that is to let your personality shine.

This is especially true if you’re using twitter to promote your freelance business. People want to do business with other people. Not with faceless, personality-less businesses.


So, give a bit of yourself with every tweet, retweet, reply, mention and thank you.


Secret #4: Participate in Twitter Chats


What is a Twitter chat? A Twitter chat is where people gather together via hashtag to discuss a specific topic.


For example, let’s say I wanted to chat with others about the importance of Twitter chats. I would tweet to my followers that I was holding a Twitter chat on a certain date, at a certain time. I would also include the hashtag they need to use to engage in the chat.


A hashtag is a word, or words, preceeded by the # symbol. Using our previous example, I would instruct them to use the hashtag #twitterchats.


What does this do? When you use a hashtag, all tweets with that hashtag are grouped together in one spot. So, you can easily follow the chat by looking up the appropriate hashtag.


On the flip side, you can join any Twitter chat by including that chat’s hashtag along with your tweet.


Twitter chats are fast paced and a lot of fun. But, they also get your name and your ideas about the topic in front of people with a common interest who might otherwise never see your name or profile.


Remember, Twitter isn’t all about your number of followers. It’s about providing a quality audience with valuable, high quality content. It’s about giving, engaging, and getting involved. It’s about being a person that other people want to socialize with.


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