How to Make Money as a Social Media Expert.


The definitive guide to using social media marketing to generate multiple streams of income for yourself and your clients.



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If you are a freelancer, you might want to check out this new program. I wrote it with freelancers in mind.


As you have probably noticed, the world of social media is expanding at lightning speed.


Companies large and small are discovering that social media offers huge opportunities to connect with new customers, engage existing customers, and even make direct sales.


- Ford didn’t launch it new Explorer at a car show, it launched it on Facebook.



- Comcast doesn’t handle customer service over the phone, it does it through Twitter.



- Local retailers no longer have to print and distribute flyers door to door, they use Groupon.



- Major brands like Old Spice are no longer depending on old media for branding purposes, they are doing it through YouTube.


In other words, social media is becoming a major marketing channel.


The trouble is, there just aren’t enough industry-grade social media experts available to meet the demand.


Millions of companies are in desperate need of an expert who can help them make the most of social media to sell their products and services, attract new customers, and take care of the customers they already have.


As a freelancer, you are in a unique position to make that leap to becoming a social media expert.


You already work online. You are already reaching out to clients online. And you have probably already taken the first steps to social media immersion by having your own Facebook and Twitter accounts.


But being active on social media isn’t the same thing as being a social media marketing expert.


And that’s what this program is all about.


You’ll learn about...


- The power of social media to achieve multiple marketing goals



- Social media marketing best practices (with tons of examples)



- The social media marketer’s toolbox



- How to write for social media (not the same as regular web writing)



- 4 Separate ways to start making money with your social media skills


Complete the program, and you’ll have the expertise to start making money through social media.


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