Free Download: Are you ready to quit your day job and work from home?


7 questions to ask yourself, before you take the plunge.


Quit your day job and work from homeRead this e-book BEFORE you quit your day job and start working from home.


Working from home can give you a wonderful lifestyle. No more bosses. No more commuting.


And if your home business succeeds, you can make more money that you ever did as an employee.


However, not every dream of working from home comes true. In short, not everyone succeeds.


How come? The seeds of failure are usually found in the very early stages. All too often, people jump on a home business idea and quit their job BEFORE they do their homework.


There are a number of questions you need to ask yourself about your business idea and your home office.


In this short e-book, just 20 pages, I suggest you ask yourself the following seven questions, and I offer advice on each area.

1. Why do you want to quit your job?


2. Is your plan built on blind enthusiasm, or on a proven business opportunity?


3. Do you know how long it will be before you make enough money to live on?


4. Do you have the right kind of personality to work alone, from home?


5. Do you have some basic marketing skills?


6. Is your family supportive of your venture?


7. Do you have a space you can set aside for your home office?

Who am I?


My name is Nick Usborne and I have worked 25 of the last 30 years as a freelance writer and consultant from various home offices. Yes, I have moved a few times.


And the nature of my business has changed and evolved over the years.


But all those years of successes and failures – yes, I had a few failures – have taught me a great deal.


This e-book is the first in a series I will be writing about working from home.


Of all the topics I will be writing about, this first one is the most important.


Why? Because the decisions you make BEFORE you quit your day job and start working from home are the most critical of all, and can make the difference between success and failure.


When working from home, most of the mistakes you make can be easily corrected.


But mistakes made during the startup period can be fatal.


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Whether working from home is just a dream right now, or you are right in the middles of planning and executing your move to a home office lifestyle, I strongly recommend that you address the questions in this short e-book and consider my advice and suggestions.


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