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Slow Economy… Good For Freelancers?


by Pete Savage


When some asks me, “Is it a good time to start my freelance business in this slow economy?” I respond like this…

“If the state of the economy is a prominent factor in your decision to start your own freelance business then my candid advice is to not start your own freelance business. Don’t start it now… and don’t start it ever.”

Not everyone likes to hear this! Why such frank advice? Because of the fact that the economy will always be unpredictable. Always.

And what that means is, if you’re serious about making your freelance business work, you will have to make it work in any economy. In other words, you’ll have to make it work regardless of the economy or even despite the economy.

Let’s just pretend for a moment that tomorrow morning we wake up and all the headlines tell us the economy is booming again.

Would this mean that, suddenly, everything would be in place for you to start making boatloads of money as a freelancer?

Usually when I put this question to someone, he or she says, “Well, no, I also have some questions about how to market my services and what sort of companies to go after, and… Who hires freelancers? And… Is it a good idea to send out sales letters? And… Do cold calls really work?”

THOSE questions are the important ones, and it’s best to work on figuring those out right now, instead of getting stuck on the economy.

Granted, it’s easy to let your outlook become darkened when all we’re seeing are stories of job losses, bankruptcies and bailouts. I’m not denying the truth behind these stories, but after a while, if you let it, the general “despair out there” can get to you. It can make you really fearful.

And the fear can stifle your natural curiosity and your creative thinking and your ability to problem solve and all of those things within you that come alive and get you all fired up at the notion of working for yourself.

Get back in touch with those things. Let those qualities of yours shine through and lead your decision-making, and try to forget what’s going on in the economy for a while.

But don’t just take my advice…

A popular business magazine recently profiled a handful of very successful entrepreneurs across a mix of industries.

People who had started and grown successful companies, the names of which you might recognize.

The interviewer in the article asked, “What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?”


The most common traits mentioned were: persistence, tenacity, determination, not giving up when someone tells you what you’re doing can’t be done, not being afraid to fail.

Successful freelancers have all of those traits. I think all of those traits are within you otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this newsletter.

Focus on those traits. Focus on finding answers to the questions that you have about starting or growing your freelance business. The ones that have nothing to do with the economy. You’ll get to where you want to go AND you’ll be better prepared to launch or grow your business, in any economy.

This is a good economy for freelancers. There I said it.

Organizations who have downsized and wiped out a bunch of salaries need freelancers to do some of the things that the salaried employees once did.

Organizations who are growing need freelancers to keep up with the growth.


NOTE: Pete Savage is the author of The Freelance Copywriter’s $64,000 Direct Mail Self-Promotion Package!



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