Review of: Copywriting 2.0 - Your Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts.


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If you are thinking about becoming a freelance copywriter -or have recently started -you should make ONLINE copywriting your core skill.


Offline markets are saturated with writing talent. There are more than enough print and direct mail copywriters serving the market.


But online, it's a whole different story.


Right now and for the foreseeable future, companies are going to be looking for freelance copywriters who are specifically skilled in writing for the web.


The demand for copywriters online is growing exponentially.


And here's the good news...demand is far higher than supply right now. There is a huge shortage of skilled, talented online copywriting specialists.


Does this mean you need to know how to write a one page online sales letter?




There are plenty of people doing that already.


The real demand, and it's massive, is for freelance copywriters who have expertise in writing all kinds of different pages for web sites – home pages, information pages, catalog pages, sales pages, subscription pages and a lot more.

Companies online desperately need copywriters who understand the full complexity of writing for the web.

It's not like writing a print ad. It's not like writing a direct mail package.


Writing for the web is utterly different. Companies online know this. And they are actively looking for freelance copywriters with the right skills.


That's where Nick Usborne's Copywriting 2.0 course comes in.


This course has been written with market demand in mind.


The entire course has been developed to give copywriters the exact skills they need in order to write a variety of different types of web pages, emails, e-newsletters and more.

It is the first professional-grade online copywriting course of its kind.


Better still, it's new.

That means you can be one of the first to take the course, and get ahead of the deluge of copywriters migrating to the web.


This is where your future as a freelance copywriter lies.


The course is being published and marketed by American Writers and Artists Inc and is available through the link below.


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