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Review of: Networkaholics Revealed!

True Confessions From People Who Networked Their Way to Success (And How You Can Do The Same).


Review by: Nick Usborne

Advice from David Garfinkel, Joe Vitale, Robert Middelton, Michael Fortin, Michael Katz and many others.

This ebook by Bonnie Lowe is 291 pages in length and includes interviews with 48 people, all of whom attribute some or part of their success in business to networking.


Some of the people she interviews are clearly "pros" when it comes to networking, having written whole books on the subject.


Others, like me, are simply people who have found or stumbled upon ways to broaden the scope and value of their own networks over time.


Yes, I'm there in Chapter 51. Bonnie invited me to participate at a time when I was very busy and I really didn't have time to answer all her questions. I think it was on the third occasion she nudged me by email that I finally opened a new Word document and started typing.

It was interesting...because I hadn't given much thought to how networking had impacted my life and success in business.


But by the time I was finished writing, I realized that EVERY success I have ever had can be attributed to the people I have met.

You can read the full story of how this worked for me if you decide to get a copy of the book.


The value of this book lies in how it overlays so many different experiences.


I guess Bonnie could have decided to write just another book on how networking can help you in life and business. Instead, she chose to devote the bulk of the book to interviews with 48 successful people.


The result is hugely informative.


Each person was working with the same set of questions, but nobody gave the exact same answers.


For sure, you get to recognize some underlying themes that seem to apply to most people. But what I found so interesting was the subtle differences between people's approaches and attitudes.


I started jotting down some of the interviews I found most informative, but soon found I was just writing down too many names.


Here's is as far as I got with my list of the "most useful interviews":

Joe Vitale, Robert Middelton, Michael Fortin, Todd Natenberg and Lynne Wayman.

There are plenty of others who reveal some amazing nuggets of information.


As for myself, I'm one of those near-hermit type of networkers. I barely have a business card and hate to schmooze. So don't worry - there are some great strategies for those of us who prefer to be "passive networkers".

One thing became very clear to me by the time I finished the book.


Networking is part of our work, whether we are employed or freelancing. It will inevitably have an impact on your success, one way or another.

Armed with the advice from this book you can make sure that networking always has a positive impact, and helps get you closer to achieving your ambitions.


Find out more about "Networkaholics Revealed!" here...



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