.Nick Usborne's Million Dollare Secrets to Online Copywriting

Nick Usborne's Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting


An in-depth course to give you the knowledge and expertise you need to make money as an online copywriter.


Nick Usborne's Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting





Writing Rituals


Writing Rituals - Banish Writer's Block & Procrastination.


Let me show you 5 ways to dramatically increase your productivity and income...


Increase your writing productivity with Writing Rituals...




Goal Setting Rituals Guide


Goal Setting Rituals for Freelance Writers & Copywriters.


People who set goals earn up to TEN TIMES as much as those who don't.


Set goals and make more money with Goal Setting Rituals...




Profitable Niche Writing Markets for Freelancers.


In this section you’ll find reviews of courses and materials that address particular markets for freelance writers.


When you are looking for just the right niche as a writer or copywriter, industry sectors can work really well for you. You will likely do much better and earn a lot more by becoming a specialist in a particular industry than you will be competing with thousands of other “general” copywriters who take on any kind of work.


Specialists always earn more than generalists.


Look at the list below and explore those areas that best match your own interests and experience.


Cracking the Case Study Market, by Steve Slaunwhite

Who would imagine you could make $1,250 or more by writing a two-page study of a success story? The case study market is growing by leaps and bounds and needs more copywriters who know how to handle this simple format. Read my full review...


Start your own Resume Writing Business

This is the perfect money-maker for any writer who can put aside a little time occasionally. There is a huge demand for quality resumes. This course gives you the tools (including software) to start and build a real business writing resumes. Read my full review here...


Secrets of Writing for the Business to Business Market

This is a huge, multi-billion dollar market. The opportunity in B2B copywriting is huge, and this 350+ page course tells you everything you need to know about getting your own slice of the market. Read my full review...


White Paper Writer Industry Survey

Whether you already write white papers, or are thinking of adding this niche to your areas of expertise, this survey will give you a detailed insight into the state of the market. It's a thorough survey and points the way to numerous opportunities for writers who want to make money writing white papers. Read my full review here...


Secrets of Writing for the Catalog Market

If you can write short text, with not one word wasted, and still make the benefits sing through, loud and could make good money as a catalog writer. There are thousands of catalogs being published, all in need of good a huge unserved market on the web. Read my full review here...


Secrets of Writing for The Financial Market

The amount of money you earn for the time you spend at your desk will depend a great deal on the type of writing you do, and the market you serve. Being a direct response copywriter serving companies in the financial and investment industry is a great combination if you want to make a 6-figure income fast. Read my full review here...


The Ultimate Travel Writer's Course

As you'll see from my review, I love this course. In fact, I was so impressed and excited by it, I'm going to take it myself. (And I'm the kind of person who maybe takes a course about once every five years.) Read my full review here...


Secrets of Writing for the Fundraising Market

This course is from the American Writers and Artists Institute and is, in my view, one of the very best courses they have created. There is everything here for anyone who wants to make money writing direct mail for the non-profit sector. Excellent resource. Read my full review here...


Secrets of Writing for the Health Market

Another course from the American Writers and Artists Institute, this one covers the very lucrative health and fitness market. If this is an area of interest for you, there are huge opportunities right now for medical writers. Read my full review here...


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Make money writing about products for catalogs and web sites






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