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Review of: Become an Instant Guru, by Bob Bly

Review by: Nick Usborne


This is a 7-CD set filled with great advice from Bob Bly, one of the most experienced and respected freelancers in the world.


Can it really show you how to become an “instant” guru?

Maybe the word “instant” is a little bit of an over-promise.

But this CD set does include all the advice and tips you’ll need to establish yourself as a recognized guru in your field, and make a LOT more money as a result.

Who should buy it? Anyone who is freelancing or consulting.


It’s a guide to establishing YOU as someone clients will actively seek out because of your status and reputation.


An easy format to fit with your daily schedule...


First, a word about the format. There are no printed materials, just 7 CDs you can play on your computer or in your car.


I like the format. You get hour after hour of Bob being interviewed and sharing the best of his experiences over the last 25 years.


There is a clear structure being followed, with Bob building one step on top of the last. What I like best about the interview style is that you always get a little extra. When someone starts talking, especially in response to good questions, there are always additional thoughts that pop out.


These extra insights often don’t find their way onto the pages of a printed book.


A key insight you should never forget...


Bob makes a very important point early on in the program.


He talks about a simple truth in the world of freelancing and consulting... to become a guru you don’t have to be the best at what you do. But you do have to position and market yourself better than anyone else.


I have seen this over and over again.

I know copywriters and designers of enormous talent who never earn as much as they deserve.


Why not?


Because they haven’t marketed themselves well, and have not established themselves as respected gurus.

On the other hand, I know people with less natural talent who have made fortunes.


That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to be the best you can at what you do. It simply means that being good at your work is just half of the equation.


The other half is to promote your personal brand and establish yourself as a guru.


Some of what you’ll learn...


Bob outlines 10 steps to becoming an instant guru.


He talks about all the ways to get your name known and respected...like writing articles, speaking in public and writing a book.


But that’s just part of it.


He doesn’t just tell you WHAT to do, but also shares invaluable tips on HOW TO do it.


If you are looking for ways to really establish the brand of YOU...and start making a lot more money for the work you do, I can highly recommend this program.


It’s not expensive, and it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. So you have a full three months to see if it works and is worth the money.


Find out more about Bob Bly’s Become an Instant Guru...



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