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Review of: The InfoGuru Marketing Manual. By Robert Middleton

Review by: Nick Usborne


If you work for yourself, one thing you absolutely have to do well is market your own services.


It doesn’t matter how good you are at writing, designing or whatever else you do. If you can’t market your services effectively, you won’t be in business for long.


The cruel reality of the freelance life...


It may seem unfair, but enormously talented freelancers go out of business every day...simply because they don’t have the innate skills to market their own business.


While on the other hand, people with quite limited abilities make money hand over fist. Why? Because they know how to sell themselves and their services.


If you’re not a natural salesperson, take a look at this manual


I have been reading the work of Robert Middleton for a number of years now. It’s solid stuff.


He has been working with freelancers and solo entrepreneurs for over 20 years now, and it shows.


When you read through his articles and manuals you know that this is someone who has built up his knowledge through solid, extensive experience.


And one of the products he offers is The InfoGuru Marketing Manual.


The InfoGuru Marketing Manual


This manual is designed with solopreneurs and freelancers in mind. It is exactly the advice you need if you are looking for ways to market your freelance business.


Best of all, this is no lightweight manual...it weighs in at twenty three chapters, over 280 pages...delivering a wealth of hands-on information, strategies, techniques, examples, stories and ideas to help you attract more clients by leveraging yourself as an InfoGuru.


Robert Middleton has put together a very comprehensive information page on his site which goes into a lot more detail on the contents of this manual.


I strong recommend that you take a look at what he has to say.


This probably applies to YOU...


In my own experience I have found that very few freelancers have a natural knack when it comes to marketing their own services.


Most of us have to really work hard when it comes to finding effective approaches, strategies and tactics that will get us more business.


Unless you are one of the very few, think seriously about getting yourself a copy of this manual.


Learn more about The InfoGuru Marketing Manual



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