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Build your writing business and increase your income...with Freelance Writing Success in a box


Learn the profitable craft of direct response copywriting...with Michael Masterson's Accelerated program for Six-Figure Copywriting




More income streams for writers and copywriters


While much is written about the earnings potential for freelance copywriters, copywriting is by no means the only way in which you can make money as a writer working from home.


There are numerous directions you can take and, like me, you may wish to diversify your streams of income by writing in more than one area.

For instance, use your writing skills to write a money-making information website on a topic that already intererests you.


Or use some of your down-time to write and publish an e-book or two.


If you are thinking of ways to promote your freelance business, consider writing and publishing a full-length book.


If you have built up a body of expertise in a particular area, think about writing and selling a course.

As writers we have this wonderful, portable and flexible skill – we can write.


And that opens up a host of different opportunities for us when it comes to developing multiple streams of income.


Write your own money-making website.


Nick Usborne's How to Write a Money-Making Website program.

The most reliable and certain way to make money online is to write an information-rich website on a topic that already interests you.


No hype. Not get-rich-quick. This approach and program shows you how to create a second source of income for your family that will always be there...month by month and year after year.

Read the review of Nick Usborne's How to write your own money-making web site program...


How to Write e-Books & Other Money-Making Content



Write and Sell e-Books for Profit


If you have basic writing skills, and an area of interest or expertise, you have the necessary ingredients to write an e-book. But before you get started, make sure you are writing on a topic for which there is strong demand. And make sure you write and design your e-book so it will SELL.


Read my review and start writing...



Self Publishing – Your complete business plan for creating a life without borders. By Gary Scott.


A remarkable program for anyone who is serious about building a self-publishing business. If you just want to write a flash-in-the-pan ebook, this isn't for you.

But if you want to build a self-publishing business, based on a process that has been refined and proven over a span of 30 years, get a copy today.


Find out more...



101 Ways to Turn Content into Money


If you write for a living, you already have the skills to write and sell your own information products. Marcia Yudkin's e-book explores 101 ways to turn your content into cash, and provides plenty of links to further sources of information.


Read my review...





Turn you Pictures into Cash – a course on selling photos for profit.

You don't have to be a professional photographer to take photos that sell. This course will teach you how to make money from your photographs, and earn you anything from $200 to $2,000 a week in extra income. Read my review of Turn Your Pictures into Cash...



Desktop Marketing – a course for freelancer copywriters who also want to offer design services.

This is an outstanding course for any freelancer who wants to increase his or her revenues by offering both writing AND design services to small business. There is a huge demand for single-source marketing services, and this course will show you how to succeed. Read my review of Desktop Marketing here..



Graphic Design Success

This course from AWAI is huge and was written for designers, copywriters and entrepreneurs who want to design effective layouts for direct marketing materials. Excellent for designers and non-designers alike. If you are looking for high conversions from your direct response letters, flyers, ads and more...check out this course. Read my review of Graphic Design Success


SiteBuildIt - A complete process for creating and marketing a profitable website.
The SiteBuildIt suite of tools gives you everything you need to create websites that will be loved by the search engines, found by thousands of readers and actually make you money. Read my review of SiteBuildIt here...



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