Review: The AWAI Accelerated Income Goals System — Smashing Down the Roadblocks to Your Success. By Dr. Joe Vitale.


Review by: Nick Usborne


The income goals of most freelancers are restricted by their own self-limiting beliefs.


We feel we can’t rise above being just another writer among many others.


We feel we can’t charge more for our work, because we have competitors who charge the same as what we charge right now.


However, we also may notice that a small number of writers in our field do extraordinarily well and make tens or hundreds times more than we do.


How can that be? Are those guys really a hundred times better than we are?

No, they are not.


But what they have done, and what you may yet have to do, is remove and get past their own self-limiting beliefs.


All of us emerge into adulthood with self-limiting beliefs.


We have formed a picture of the level of success that is OK for us to achieve.


The thing is, that level of success or achievement is usually much lower than what we can actually achieve.


Our potential is almost always greater than we think.


In other words, we are the victims of the limits we set for ourselves.


Joe Vitale’s Accelerated Income Goals System focuses on breaking down those limits and barriers.


His system is part guide and part workbook. It takes you through a process and helps you identify your own self-limiting beliefs.


It then shows you how to break free, by changing the way you think and feel about yourself, your goals and your future.


In this system he draws from teachings and observations he has made elsewhere, but applies them specifically to the lives of freelancers.


You may not agree with everything he says. And not everything he suggests may fit with where you are right now. But I’m betting that you will identify at least five eye-opening moments as you follow his system.


And just one of those moments may be enough to transform your work and your future.


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