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Review: Secrets of Writing for the Health Market


Review by: Nick Usborne


Writing for the health marketBack in the early eighties I started a small agency with three friends and we concentrated only on medical writing for pharmaceutical clients.


We worked with big companies like Eli Lilly, Schering, Ciba-Geigy, Pfeizer, Merck and others. It was a crazy time and we made a lot of money.

A great deal has happened in the last two decades. Not only are the big companies still fighting for market share, but there are now hundreds of smaller companies battling in the alternative health care market...selling vitamins, herbs and other supplements.

Why this explosive growth? Because of the aging baby boomers and their desire to live full and healthy lives.


More recently I wrote a mailing for a friend who owns an essential oil company.


He wanted to be invited to show his products to the managers of pharmacies and health stores. I wrote the letter and we sent it to the list. Guess what the response rate was? Over 30%! The poor guy was run off his feet.


Do you smell an opportunity in medical writing? You should!


How this course can help


This course is from the American Writers and Artists Institute and is up to their usual high standards.


The package comprises a binder of information and two CDs.


The text is thick with good advice. You'll see examples of letters, read advice from outstanding medical writers - plus some great interviews.


I was particularly struck by an interview with one of AWAI's own students, Nina Camp. Here is a short excerpt:

"Illnesses that get the biggest response rates are heart disease, anti-aging, prostate problems, impotence and cancer."

You could build your whole health market writing business based just on that one sentence. That's where the money is!


There's more in the package


In addition to all the pages of information on the health market and how to write for it, there's plenty more in the package.

- You get complete contact information for over 340 potential clients.


- CD #1: This provides you with a spec assignment to work on...and you'll receive an expert assessment of you work, included in the course price.


- CD #2: Work your way through 10 winning direct mail controls and study everything about them. (Worth over $400 alone, if you purchased this information from its source.)


- And there's more, including an essential section on the legal side of medical writing.

Concluding thoughts...


I spent a few years and made a lot of money in the health market. And it's growing fast. Right now.


If you have an interest in health and fitness, you've just found your niche - as a freelance medical writer. You'll find work. You'll make money.


Highly recommended.


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