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Nettie Hartsock


Nettie Hartsock is a veteran e-business journalist, copywriter and PR Marathoner.


Her name can even be Googled with some notable results. Nettie has lived many more than nine lives as a journalist contributing regularly to leading online and offline publications including eweek.com, PC Magazine, Publish, PDFZone and others. Nettie’s articles and interviews have been showcased in hundreds of national and international publications both in print and online.


Nettie is also the editor of two much-read blogs for allbusiness.com – Professional PR - and the newly launched Must Read Business Book.


In her career Nettie has interviewed hundreds of CEOs, non-fiction and fiction writers including Jakob Nielsen, Peter Bowerman, Bob Bly, Salman Rushdie, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Brian Carroll, Susan Harrow and others. Nettie offers one on one private coaching on writing and editing and PR initiatives at very reasonable hourly rates.


Nettie hails near Austin, Texas in the Hill Country where folks still wear larger than life hats, and some are still hunting for the elusive jackalope. You can reach Nettie through her site – www.nettiehartsock.com.




Be Shamelessly Persistent and Unyielding in Your Pursuit to Be A Freelancer.

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How to Pitch, Swerve and Succeed As A Freelance Copywriter

In this important article about how to get started -- and keep going - as a freelance copywriter, Nettie Hartsock talks about how to pitch, swerve and succeed...by remaining light on your feet, open to all opportunities and keeping your eyes on your goal. How to pitch and swerve...


Making your First Pitch

Once you have focused on a particular niche group to approach, how do you go about it? How do you prepare and pitch your services? What steps should you take in order to secure that first copywrting assignment? Nettie Hartsock explains how...


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