Goal Setting Rituals - 4 ways to DOUBLE your income and more, simply by setting clear goals for your freelance business.


People with WRITTEN GOALS earn 900% more than those who don't.


Find out how setting clear goals for your freelance writing or copywriting business can dramatically increase YOUR income.


In a 10-year study conducted by Harvard Business School, graduates were interviewed and asked if they wrote down their goals for the future.


After ten years the same group was interviewed again, and those who had written down their goals were, on average, making TEN TIMES as much as those who did not.


That's an astounding difference.


Can setting goals for your freelance business really make that much of a difference?


A ten-fold increase in earnings sounds a little too good to be true. Even if that level of improvement has been verified by the Harvard study.


So let's settle on something that feels more attainable.

How would you like to DOUBLE your income?


Once it has doubled, you can always double it again!

Can that be achieved simply through disciplined goal setting? Absolutely it can.


Setting goals is the most important thing you can do as a freelancer. It's the most powerful tool you can use to separate yourself from all your competitors.


Here's why goal setting is SO important for freelance writers and copywriters...


When you work for a company as an employee, goals are set for you. The organization, your department or division, and your work group all have goals.


But as soon as you become a freelancer, there is nobody there to set your goals for you. Unless you set them for yourself.


And most freelancers NEVER set goals for their business. They just drift, hoping some new work will come their way. They have no focus. No direction. No discipline.


This gives goal-setters a HUGE advantage.


What's the difference between a freelancer who has no goals and one who has?


To answer that question, here's an excerpt from the Goal Setting Rituals guide:

Here's someone who doesn't set goals ...


Let's call him Frank. He's a freelance copywriter and he's happy to accept any work he can get.


Frank lives month to month. He is a good writer, works well with his clients and does great work.


But he has no plan or goals. He lives day to day...finding work, doing work and billing for work. As for what kind of work he takes on, he just goes with the flow.


And that pretty much describes freelancers who have no goals – they just go with the flow and take on any work they can get.


It's like Frank is in a canoe in the middle of a river. He goes wherever the current takes him. He's a smart guy and picks up plenty of work, but has no real direction planned for his business.


When the current is favourable to his business, things work out fine.


But when the current changes, he can run into big trouble.


Maybe he has been focusing too much on an industry sector that has suddenly hit hard times. Maybe he is in a niche that has attracted a ton of new competitors, some of them billing only half what he likes to charge.


By allowing himself to go with the flow, and not taking charge of the direction his business is taking, Frank has put himself in a very vulnerable position.


Look at it this way...Frank is doing piece work.


Now let's look at Carol, our goal-setter.


Carol knows exactly where she is heading.


Her goal is to become one of the very top names in her field – writing white papers and case histories for the automotive industry.


She is focusing on the emergence of green technologies. She believes it's a big growth area.


One of her milestones is to write a book on this topic and have it published by a major business publisher by June of next year.


Another milestone is to be a featured speaker at a major industry conference at least three months prior to the publication of her book.


Carol is not floating around in any current. Her boat has a BIG engine. She has charts. She knows her destination point and she knows the way like the back of her hand. She's never "been there", but she has visualized her course many times. She already knows and will recognize the outcome of her journey.


Will her plans receive a few bumps and knocks along the way? Sure they will. Nothing ever goes perfectly to plan. But that's OK, because she'll quickly get back on course.


Carol not only has goals, she lives and breathes them every day.


In fact, each morning before work, she takes out a pad of writing paper, takes off the top of a fountain pen which her dad gave her when she went to college, and she writes down her goals, in her best handwriting. She does this every day.


And every day, in everything she does, she is taking one more step forward towards her goals.


Is she going to end up making ten times as much money as Frank? I think she probably will. Better still, she's going to love getting there.

Having your own copy of Goal Setting Rituals will transform your freelance business...


Knowing that you need to set goals is one thing.


Understanding how to set the RIGHT goals is quite another.


And that's what Goal Setting Rituals is all about.


I'll walk you through the entire process – helping you identify your passions, your values and your goals.


And then I'll show you how to take action and begin your journey towards a more enjoyable and profitable future.


You'll be amazed at the difference it makes to be goal-oriented...

- You'll have more energy

- You'll have more fun

- And you'll make a lot more money

Why Rituals and not Habits?


A habit is a repetitive behaviour that we pick up for better or for worse. Some of our habits are good, others are bad.

A ritual is also a repetitive behaviour, but it is conscious and deliberate. And it has a deeper meaning.

Patting your pocket to make sure you have your wallet before leaving the house is a habit. So is scratching your nose when someone asks you a difficult question.

But laying out snacks before a sports game or movie on TV is a ritual. It is a deliberate, conscious action, marking a particular moment in time. It has a deeper meaning.


That's why I describe 4 clear rituals in this guide. Follow and repeat each ritual on a daily basis for fast and permanent results.


Do these rituals actually work? Is it guaranteed?


Yes, if you apply each of the steps in my guide and repeat them until they become true rituals, you will undoubtedly find yourself better able to set clear goals and achieve them.


Try it out for 8 full weeks. If you are not satisfied, you'll receive a full refund. No quibbles. No hassles.


Writing Rituals productivity guideHow much does it cost?

The Goal Setting Rituals guide comes in at just under 50 pages, and the price is $24.95. That's a small price to pay for all the benefits you'll enjoy once you are on course to achieving your goals.


Here's how to order.


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