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Review of: Selling Yourself as a Copywriter - How to Earn $100,000 a Year

Review by: Nick Usborne


Do you want to earn $100,000 a year as a freelance copywriter? With this new program by Bob Bly, a target of $100,000 a year is the bare minimum.


This is the ultimate resource for any freelance copywriter who wants to make a very, very good income.


Selling Yourself is not about learning copywriting skills. There are other courses and programs for that.


It’s about MARKETING your freelance copywriting BUSINESS.


How this program can change your life as a freelance copywriter...


There are tens of thousands of excellent copywriters in the world who never get close to earning a hundred thousand dollars a year.


They could do, and should do. Their copywriting skills are more than up to the task.


But they don’t have the skills to find the best clients or charge the fees they should.


In short, they don’t know how to sell themselves or how to market and run their copywriting businesses.


The materials in this program address these issues head-on, giving you the skills to make a great deal more money than you do right now.


Here’s a breakdown of what you get:

1. Three books by Bob Bly

• Secrets of a Freelance Writer
• Write More…Sell More
• Guide to Freelance Writing Success

2. 18 CDs including:

• Set of 12 Bob Bly teleconference CDs
• 6 original Bob Bly Selling Yourself CDs

The content on these CDs is invaluable. The teleconference CDs give you access not only to Bob’s experience, but also to that of other successful freelance copywriters.


In fact, if you listen to them all – and I hope you do – you’ll get some tips from me too. I was a guest on one of the calls and, as is often the case, managed to shoehorn a little of my own advice into the mix.


With Bob Bly’s Selling Yourself CDs, you’ll get to hear the best of Bob, recorded from his own seminar sessions.


Don’t underestimate the value of these CDs – there is a wealth of knowledge there, all of it coming from people who have walked the walk and made the money. They know how it’s done, and share that knowledge with you.

3. The “62 Most Common Questions” report


This booklet comprises 62 questions you might expect from anyone starting out in the freelance writing business - plus answers. I like the Q&A format, because it is driven by the people asking the questions, not by the experts.


Bonus materials

* Password-protected access to a Members-Only Selling Yourself web site, for a full year. This site is filled with useful resources, including sample sales letters, how-to articles, success stories, FAQs and more.

* AWAI regional “Selling Yourself” Bootcamp discounts.

Finally, the original price of this program has been dramatically reduced.


When it was first launched, this program included unlimited access to Bob Bly himself. What Bob found was that nearly all the questions he was being asked were already addressed in the course materials.


The good news is that by removing that one element, he has been able to reduce the price by two thirds.


Now you can repay the full cost of the program with just one or two additional writing assignments.


As an investment in your future as a freelance copywriter, I can’t think of any other set of materials that could offer you more.


Learn more about “Selling Yourself as a Copywriter: How to Earn $100,000 a Year”


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