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Nick Usborne's Million Dollar Secrets to Online Copywriting


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Ed Gandia


Ed Gandia has been a working freelance copywriter since March 2004. In only 27 months — and while holding a demanding full-time job — Ed took his part-time copywriting gig to a six-figure, full-time freelance business without sacrificing his paycheck or putting his family’s financial future at risk.


An expert on the topic of transitioning from employee to freelancer, he is the author of Stop Wishing and Start Earning: A Low-Risk Plan to Escape 9–5 and Launch a Profitable Copywriting Business and the editor of The Profitable Freelancer, a free e-newsletter for aspiring and working freelancers. To learn more, visit



Should You Become a Freelance Writer in a Down Economy?

Considering the state of the economy in the U.S. and Europe, is this really a good time to launch a freelance writing business? That's a legitimate question. In this article Ed Gandia explains why now could be the best time ever. Find out why...


How to Make the Freelance Leap When You’re “Different”.

Many people who would like to become freelance copywriters don't have a marketing background and feel concerned that they don't "have what it takes". Ed Gandia shows you how you can turn your background to your advantage. Find out how...


Before You Quit Your Day Job: 12 Practical Ways to Build an Emergency Fund.

Few things are certain during your first few months as a freelancer, so it makes sense to play it safe and build yourself an emergency fund before you quit your day job. Ed Gandia shows you how...



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