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Should You Become a Freelance Writer in a Down Economy?


by Ed Gandia


OK, let’s address the elephant in the room…


Considering the state of the economy in the U.S. and Europe, is this really a good time to launch a freelance writing business?


It’s a legitimate question. Many of you are either well on your way to going solo or are seriously considering the idea. When you’re in that position, even 5 minutes of CNN, Fox News or CNBC is enough to talk anyone out of self-employment.


My advice: Don’t let the news discourage you. In fact, in many ways, the timing couldn’t be better for starting a transition plan or launching a freelance writing business. I’ll give you 5 good reasons why.


1) Consider the media’s motives. The top objective of a newspaper is to sell more newspapers. For news channels, it’s about improving their ratings so they can sell more ad time and increase their advertising rates.


Guess what type of news sells best? Bad news. Negativity is king. Always has been. So the media is having a field day with global financial crisis and the seesawing stock market.


Hey, I’m not saying that all is rosy on the economic front. I also don’t think the media is evil. I’m merely pointing out that when in doubt, think about what’s really driving the messenger.


2) Your success has more to do with YOU than with the economy. Don’t wait for the stars to align before you take steps toward building a freelance career. If you’ve decided that this is what you want, draft a transition plan and start taking action today!


Thousands have launched successful businesses in tough economic times. If you wait until things turn around, there will be other obstacles in your way. So why not get going now?


The late Earl Nightingale used to say that “luck” happens when preparation meets opportunity. So start preparing today. You want to be ready when the right opportunity comes along.


3) Opportunities are greater in a tough economy. Layoffs and hiring freezes force companies to use more freelance help. Why? Because most of the work still needs to be done, but there are now fewer people to get it done internally.


It’s shocking how much companies will spend on freelance labor while instituting a strict freeze on new hires. It has become so expensive and burdensome to hire an employee that many businesses would rather outsource much of their work.


4) Many companies are struggling to fill openings. You might be surprised to hear that even in this economy, many companies are having a difficult time filling job openings. That’s especially true in the areas where freelancers can help the most.


In fact, a recent survey of marketers conducted by Bernhart Associates Executive Search found that nearly three-quarters of respondents are having some degree of difficulty filling openings, especially in the more specialized lower- to mid-level positions.


That’s precisely where freelance writers and copywriters can help!


5) You need only a sliver of the market. To keep our garden well irrigated, I’ve been thinking about buying a 55-gallon water barrel that collects rainwater from our roof.


As I researched different options, I found an interesting statistic: Just half an inch of rainwater on an average 1,000-square-foot roof will yield more than 300 gallons of water! Since one barrel will be more than enough for our needs, this means that even the lightest rain will fill up our barrel many times over.


It’s the same when you’re a freelancer. To make a very comfortable living, you need only a sliver of the market to have more work than you can handle. And even in a down economy, there’s more work out there than you’ll ever have time to pursue. You just need a way to continually capture what you need.


So is this a good time to get started? It’s as good a time as any. Take that first step and watch your momentum grow. It won’t be easy. But if you keep at it, before you know it, your own “barrel” will be overflowing with work.

NOTE: Ed Gandia is the author the bestselling guide, Stop Wishing and Start Earning: A Low-Risk Plan to Escape 9–5 and Launch a Profitable Copywriting Business.



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