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Review of: “DOUBLE Your Profits in 12 Months Or LESS!” - by Clayton Makepeace

Review by: Nick Usborne


It’s a big, loud title for a book. And I must admit that sometimes titles like that make me cautious.


But in this case, I am happy to ignore the noise and enjoy the content of the book.


Clayton Makepeace really does know how to double your profits


How come? Because he has done it, and more. And he hasn’t done it in the manner of a twenty-two year old who has struck lucky on the internet. He has achieved remarkable results because he has been practicing his trade as a copywriter and direct marketer for the past few decades.


I like that. I like to learn from people who have succeeded through lengthy experience. And he is clearly enormous talented as well.


In addition, he’s one of those rare copywriters who is also a true marketer. So he doesn’t look just at the words, but also at the broader marketing strategy.


As a result, this book will be immensely useful for both copywriters and marketers.


Here’s what you get when you buy your own copy of “DOUBLE Your Profits in 12 Months Or LESS!”


To call this an e-book may be misleading. Yes, you can buy it, download it and read it in Adobe Acrobat...but don’t be fooled. This has the heft of a big book. It has sixteen chapters and over 215 pages.


It is written with enormous energy and gives the impression that he can’t get the words and ideas out fast enough.

- He writes at length about headlines, and how to make them work harder

- He writes about writing ads, web pages and direct mail

- He writes about long copy vs. short copy

- He writes about graphic design

- He writes about great marketing ideas

This is a wonderful book for copywriters because although it talks a great deal about how to write great copy, it also puts the copy into the context of the design, the product, offer and the big IDEA.


Advice from Clayton Makepeace that will boost your own career...


This is a book about copywriting, about marketing...and about succeeding in your own career.


He offers some great advice on how freelance copywriters can improve their relationships with their best clients.


He also looks at how companies can and should nurture their relationships with top copywriters.


But most of all, he reveals a host of opportunities...ways in which copywriters and marketers alike can dramatically improve their results and make more money.


Concluding thoughts...


This book covers a lot of ground, about copywriting, marketing, career-building and more. And that’s one of the reasons why I like it so much. While at its core I see it as a book for copywriters, with some detailed advice on how to improve your also places the copywriter where he or she belongs: within the broader marketing picture.


If you are open to improving your copywriting skills, and your results, I recommend you get this book.


Learn more about DOUBLE Your Profits in 12 Months Or LESS!



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