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Review of: The Ultimate Desktop Copy Coach

A copywriting course by Tony Flores, based on the experience and genius of Clayton Makepeace.

Review by: Nick Usborne


When the review copy of this course arrived at my door, it landed with a thud.


This is a BIG course. The binder alone contains over 1,000 pages.


What's it about? It's about writing copy that sells products and services.

This is a course for anyone who wants to learn or improve on the skills it takes to be a direct marketing copywriter.

This isn't about writing gentle awareness copy. It's about writing to MOVE products and services. It's about getting more people to open their wallets and take out their credit cards.


If you want to be a highly skilled and successful direct marketing copywriter, this is the course to take.


So who exactly is behind this course?


It took me a few minutes to figure out what was happening as I started reading through this course.


From the outset I recognized the hand of Clayton Makepeace. I recognized his thorough, detailed approach to researching products and writing copy to sell them.


But on the cover of the course is says the author is a guy called Tony Flores.

So what's that about? It turns out that Tony is an excellent copywriter himself, but works for Clayton Makepeace.


What he has done is take everything Makepeace has written and said about direct response copywriting over the last 35 years and then turned it into a step-by-step "how to" copywriting course.


27 Chapters of solid advice and examples


I'm guessing that Tony is one of those super organized and methodical type of people.


I like that. Because this course really is organized carefully and thoroughly. It has been put together in a sequence that will allow you to learn one step at a time, with each chapter building on what you learned in the one before.


Each chapter opens with a description of what you're going to learn and closes with an Action Steps page.


This logical learning sequence builds your knowledge for 27 chapters and over 1,000 pages.


And it's not just page after page of written instruction. The binder includes dozens and dozens of examples of successful direct response ads and mailings. This is great, because it means you get to SEE what you are being taught. That's an excellent way to learn. You'll always learn faster and more effectively by being exposed to real-life examples.


Plus the package includes several CD and DVDs. So you'll be learning from text, audio and video.


This course teaches you the real craft of direct response copywriting


One of the things I like best about Clayton Makepeace is that he isn't a "tips and tricks" copywriter. He's a craftsman. And he understands his craft.


With the help of Tony Flores, he has found a way to share every element of that craft with you and anyone else who is willing to learn.

What do I mean by Clayton being a craftsman? I mean he's not one of those copywriters who simple drops "killer copy" into "proven sales page templates".


Clayton Makepeace is old school. No short cuts. No tricks. Just plenty of hard work.


With this course you really will be learning a craft, in the traditional sense of the word.

And that craft will make you an excellent living from the day you finish this course until the day you retire.


Best of all, the cost of this course is just a fraction of what you would have to pay for a university or college course.


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