Review of: Core Inner Strength - Experience True Self Esteem

Review by: Nick Usborne


This is the second hypnosis CD program from Hypnosis Network I have reviewed.


Why this one? Because I think it can help writers.


Being a commercial writer, whether freelance or otherwise, is essentially a solitary profession. We work from within ourselves


It is also a creative profession, but we have to work to deadlines. Beyond that, we have to work creatively within constraints and briefs imposed by others.

As a result, I believe, a lot of us feel an internal pressure that sometimes makes considerable demands on our inner strength and sense of self-esteem and confidence.

If you are a commercial writer, working as a freelancer or employed, I think some of what I have just said might ring some bells for you. Yes?


Shirley McNeal's Program for Core Inner Strength


First, it's reassuring to know that Dr McNeal is recognized for her work in this area at the highest level:

"Shirley McNeal, Ph.D., recipient of the 2003 Milton H. Erickson Award for Scientific Excellence by the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, is the author and co-author of more than 20 scientific papers. Her recently published work on the use of hypnosis for "Inner Strength and Ego Strengthening" is recognized worldwide as the standard by the clinical hypnosis community."

In part, this is why I look to hypnosis professionals for some kind of external support in my work life. I know I could access a variety of coaching services, or buy products from the big-name professional coaches and motivators.


But I feel more comfortable knowing that I am dealing with recognized, qualified professionals who can deliver more than a 'slick surface'.


A slick surface? By that I mean that with most coaching and motivational programs you are dealing simply with the surface of the conscious mind. You are shifting some surface perceptions and, more often than not, the effect is transitory and leaves you disappointed after a little while.

With hypnosis you are touching issues at a deeper level, and accessing the strengths that lie at the subconscious level.

When I am working at that level, I feel more confident that the changes I am working on will have more substance are more likely to stay with me over time.


What this program can achieve...


As Dr McNeal points out, hypnosis doesn't offer immediate, magical changes. It is simply a tool that helps you reach some strengths available to you through your subconscious.


But here, in part, is what the program sets out to do for you:

* Build Ego Strength
* Enhance Your Self-Esteem
* Increase Your Self-Confidence

As a writer and copywriter, while professionally I will always present a strong, confident exterior, I know there are times when my inner strength and sense of self-confidence could do with a little extra support.


In other words, from time to time, a little self esteem improvement wouldn't ago amiss.


As with all the programs from the Hypnosis Network, this one comes with a full one-year guarantee. So if you feel that you didn't get sufficient benefit from the program, you can return it, hassle free.


Improve your self esteem with the Core Inner Strength hypnosis program



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