The Freelance Copywriter’s Guide to Finding a Profitable Niche


This 50-minute Audio Presentation will help you find a niche that not only makes you money...but also matches your interests, writing style and lifestyle priorities.


When you start a freelance copywriting business, the most important decision you make concerns the niche you are going to serve.


But before we get into talking about choosing a niche, let’s be clear about what a “niche” actually is.


A niche is the clearly defined area of business in which you plan to become an expert.


You might select your niche by industry sector – focusing only on an area like consumer electronics, personal finance or the hospitality industry.


Or you might define your niche by the medium in which you work – writing only direct mail, or only for online media.


You can even determine your niche geographically – choosing to work only with companies within a two hour drive of your home.


The permutations are endless.


The purpose behind it all is to give you a clearly defined area in which you can become a recognized expert.


As a freelance copywriter, clients won’t choose you for being a Jack or Jill of all trades. They will choose you because you are a specialist.


You’ve probably already received advice on choosing a profitable niche...


The advice most freelancer copywriters hear is that they should pick a “hot” niche which pays big money.


It’s a nice idea. But the reality of your freelance life is that choosing the right niche is a little more complex than that.


And it’s that complexity that this audio presentation addresses.


The key is not just to go where the money is...but also to match your own interests, strengths and lifestyle.


If you pick a niche only on the basis of profit potential, you’re setting yourself up for failure.


50 Minutes that could alter your freelance copywriting career


If you make the wrong choice when selecting your niche, you will be facing a long road of misery and disappointment.


It’s no fun trying to excel in an area that isn’t a good fit for you. Even if that niche is reputed to be highly profitable.


There are hundreds, if not thousands of niches that can make you a very good living.


This audio program walks you through the decision-making process and outlines six factors to consider before you commit to any particular niche.


Presented by Nick Usborne...


Nick has been a copywriter for almost 30 years and a freelancer for 25 years.


Over that time he has worked in a number of niche areas, and has worked with hundreds of different companies... including AOL, MSN, Disney, Chrysler, the New York Times and many others.


This audio presentation draws on his own unique experience over the last thirty years, and will provide you with a solid grounding...before you make a final commitment to one niche or another.


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