Nick Usborne's business-building coaching service for freelance writers and copywriters.


My name is Nick Usborne and, in addition to being the editor of this site, I also work as a private coach for freelance writers and copywriters.


My input in based on almost 30 years of experience as a freelance writer, with various ups and downs along the way. (Thankfully, most of them were "ups".)


I'm a business-building coach.


My coaching service is focused on helping writers and copywriters build their freelance writing businesses, not on their writing or copywriting skills.

I help people build a stronger freelance business, make more money and enjoy their work more.

When you work with me, I'll help you set goals, get better aligned with your values, establish a clear niche, package and present your skills with clarity, and market yourself more effectively.


I can also work with you on your work habits and productivity issues.


But that's just the start of it. Each coaching client has different priorities, and I'll customize my input and advice based on your own specific needs.


"I want to say that after yesterday's call, I was just really, really happy with this coaching process I'm going thru with you. I hope you get as much satisfaction out of it as I'm getting. You are really, really good at this. I know we exchanged money for services but I honestly feel I've gotten far more than I ever expected. Far more. So thanks for being so good at this stuff..."


Richard Pelletier,


Who do I work with?


Some of my clients are just starting out. Others have been in business for five or ten years and want help with moving their business forward.


I even have one client who isn't really a writer at all. He just wants my input as a "virtual business partner" as he builds his online business.

"Nick's coaching has been incredibly valuable to me for several reasons. He has challenged me into clarifying my niche and how I articulate it – this is HUGE! He also has boosted my confidence and given me a very positive foundation – now I know I don’t have such an uphill battle for repositioning myself and earning more for what I do! I enjoy his sense of humor and down-to-earth demeanor. It’s been a perfect coaching match for me."

Pam Foster, Online Copywriter


How much does it cost?


I offer two different options for coaching:

1. Three Month Business Builder. For anyone who is really serious about building a highly profitable and enjoyable freelance business, I recommend a three-month engagement and charge $3,950 for the three months, payable in advance.


You get: One hour of personal coaching by phone each week (12 calls in total) and unlimited email.


2. One Month Hurdle Jumper. For when you need short-term help to get over a particular hurdle or obstacle in your business. This one month engagement costs just $1,500, also payable in advance.


You get: One hour of personal coaching by phone each week (4 calls in total) and unlimited email.

And one "discovery" option:

30 Minutes. If you just want to just put your toe in the water first, and chat with me about how coaching might help you grow your freelance business, you can engage me for a one-time, 30-minute phone consultation for just $29.95.

Next step?


If you want more detail before making a decision, go to my coaching site,


If you are ready to make a decision right now, or want to ask any questions, email me at



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