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Starving Writer No More
By Peter Bowerman


3 Ways to Find Your Niche as a Freelance Writer
By Nick Usborne

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Learn the profitable craft of direct response copywriting...with Michael Masterson's Accelerated program for Six-Figure Copywriting

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Clayton Makepeace - Million Dollar Copywriter


Clayton Makepeace is in a different league when compared to most of us.


Not only is he a great copywriter, but he is also a master marketer. As a result he has made many millions of dollars both for his clients and for himself.


In addition, he does a great job at sharing what he knows. And that's why I invited him to share some of his best advice on this site.


The latest from Clayton Makepeace...


The Ultimate Desktop Copy Coach - Clayton Makepeace's direct marketing copywriting course


Written by Tony Flores, and based on the work and genius of Clayton Makepeace, this course is over 1,000 pages in length and also include CDs and DVDs. It's a huge and excellent course for anyone who truly wants to master the craft of direct response copywriting. More about this direct response copywriting course...




How to turn a leisurely visit to your local bookstore into the most profitable three hours of your entire year!


For any copywriter with an open mind, a visit to a local bookstore is like finding the biggest cheat sheet in the world. Check out the titles of best selling books, look at the text design. And check out those periodicals. Here's what you'll learn...

How to Create a Power-Packed Headline


Arguably, the most important element of any ad, web page or email is the headline. If you don't engage your reader with those first first words, then he or she won't even bother to read any further. With a poor headline, even the best body text in the world is wasted. Read Clayton Makepeace's article on how to write a great headline...




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