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Review of: Secrets of Writing for the Business to Business Market


Review by: Nick Usborne


Make money as a B2B copywriter – Freelancing or moonlighting.


Business to business copywritingThe business to business market is huge, and under-served by good copywriters.


All too often freelancers tend towards writing for the business to consumer sector.


Yes, there’s some good money in B2C. But there is as much money in B2B...and far fewer copywriters are competing for the work.


Let me put this in perspective. There are over eight million businesses in the USA alone categorized as “business-to-business”.


That is to say, they create products or services to serve other businesses.

Eight million. And they all need good marketing materials. Which means all 8 million need access to good copywriters.


Here’s what you get with this course...


The first thing to mention is that this course runs to over 350 pages. And that isn’t including the bonus print materials and CDs.


The second point I want to emphasize is that you will find all the information, guidance and help you need in this one binder.


This course is extraordinarily thorough.


To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the chapter headings...


Chapter One: An Insider’s Look into the Lucrative World of B2B


Chapter Two: Split Personality: Inside the Mind of the b2B Buyer


Chapter Three: Getting Ready to Write: How to Prepare for a B2B Copywriting Assignment


Chapter Four: The Basics of Lead-Generation: B2B’s Killer App


Chapter Five: The 8 Ingredients of Successful B2B Copy


Chapter Six: Down to the Nitty-Gritty: Writing B2B Headlines, Body Copy & More


Chapter Seven: Introducing “The Baker’s Dozen”: How to Complete Typical B2B Direct-Response Projects


Chapter Eight: Copy that Sells...But Indirectly: How to Complete B2B Marketing Communications Projects


In addition, there are numerous exercises to complete during each chapter.


Like I said, it covers a lot of ground.


And...the binder includes over 70 pages of names and contact information for major B2B mailers and marketers. So you’ll be starting out with a list of hundreds of prospective clients to contact.


A few words about the author...


I have a lot of respect for the author of this course, Steve Slaunwhite. In fact, when I have had an overload of freelance copywriting work myself, and need to refer additional work to another copywriter, it’s always Steve I contact first.


When I started writing this review I emailed him and asked him a couple of questions.


First, I asked him to tell me a little more why he is such a fan of business to business copywriting.

“Nick, there are three things I love about writing for the business-to-business (B2B) market. Great money. Lots of variety. And remarkably little competition.


I work on everything from sales letters and emails to newsletters and web pages. It’s never boring.


B2B companies – and there are millions of them – are increasingly recognizing the importance of intelligent, persuasive sales copy.


They need writers! I hope this course helps to fulfill that demand.“

I then asked him to offer some advice for copywriters who want to break into the B2B market for the first time. How does one go about finding that first assignment?


Here is his reply.

“Pick one B2B industry that you're familiar with. Let's say it's business directory publishers. Then approach the marketing managers at these companies, and position yourself as "the copywriter for the business directory publishing industry." Any marketing manager who hears that will want to learn more. Offer to write a letter or email on spec as a free trial of your services. Do a good job, and you're in!”

Concluding thoughts...


If you ever wonder whether there are just too many copywriters out there, give some thought to those 8 million business to business companies out there.


They need good copy.


And with the knowledge from this course, you can have your share of that market.


Learn more about Secrets of Writing for the Business to Business Market...




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